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Daylatch Surface Adjustable Keeps (Components)

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  • This keep is used on the ML130, ML3120 & ML480 suite of locks.
  • Surface-mounted adjustable keep for centre gearbox of the multipoint door lock.
  • Individual components of the centre keep day latch switch and magnet for automatic multipoint locks.
  • MK39-DAY Daylatch switch enables the temporary release of the locking system for convenient access without a key - e.g. when carrying shopping in from the car.
  • This is the component form centre keep available in either 22mm or 28mm centre line, left or right-handed versions available.
  • Note that if you are ordering this keep for the ML130 lock do NOT include the magnet as this is not required, if you need this keep for either the ML3120 or the ML480 then you may want to order the MK48 keep which comes pre-assembled with all the components.