Weatherseal Trolley



  • Weatherseal trolley is designed to hold the Deventer Weatherseal reels and keep your workshop tidy.
  • Rotating centre wheel enables quick and easy dispensing of your weatherseal.
  • A portable trolley on wheels with a foot brake means you can quickly deploy it at whichever workbench you are working at.
  • Designed with a hood to help prevent your seal from being covered in dust and dirt.
  • The weatherseal trolley is compatible with the following weatherseals; SPV18, SPV15, SPV124, SPV12, SP7018, SP7015, SP103A, SP63, SPV6009, SP5717, S6003, SP333, S5109, if in doubt please contact the office.
  • Note: Weatherseal is not included as part of this purchase.