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  • Electronic Biometric Bluetooth Locking Kit for ML120/ML3120/ML480 Lock Systems

Electronic Biometric Bluetooth Locking Kit for ML120/ML3120/ML480 Lock Systems


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  • Electronic Biometric Locking Kit incorporating Bluetooth for the 'Vogue' ML120 & ML3120 and the 'Heritage Plus' ML480 Automatic Locking Systems, can also be used on the 'Solo' ML320 & ML330 Double Door Kits.
  • This is the complete kit incorporating the electronics, biometric and bluetooth components but EXCLUDES door locks and keeps.
  • An easy to operate multipoint door lock operated by your fingerprint or an app on your phone depending on model.
  • Features maximum security with anti-tamper protection and live finger detection technology.
  • Intelligent software detects the growth of children's fingers as well as minor injuries and changes to users' habits.
  • Enable access to multiple users with ability to store up to 99 users.
  • Bluetooth version provides additional security with pin code protection to prevent use by anyone else if you lose your phone.

This KIT includes the following components:
  • 1 x ML-E-BIO-BTFPSU - Biometric Bluetooth Finger Print Scanner Unit Integra, door can be opened and programmed via the ekey home app available on Android & iOS devices.
  • 1 x ML-E-BIO-FPSFP - Finger Print Scanner Face Plate - Stainless Steel.
  • 1 x ML-E-BIO-CBLA - Cable A, Finger Print Scanner Unit to Control Panel, 3 Meter.
  • 1 x ML-E-BIO-CPU - Control Panel Unit Complete with Cable Transmission.
  • 1 x ML-E-EMTR - Electronic Motor.
  • 1 x ML-E-CBLW - Cable W, Electronic Motor to Control Unit, 6 Meter.
  • 1 x ML-E-PSU - 240v to 12v Power Supply Unit.
  • Note: This KIT does NOT include the ML120, ML3120 or ML480 locks or appropriate keeps.
  • We do advise that the products electronics are installed by a qualified electrician.