ML480R (AV3) Kits, Left Hand, Heritage Premium Auto Lock, 55mm Back Set, 20mm Face Plate with 33mm Centre Line Individual Keeps finished in Matt Smooth Black


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Kit Components


  • Heritage premium multipoint automatic 'slam shut' door lock from Winkhaus.
  • Provides a traditional heritage look with the cylinder located approx at shoulder height on the door.
  • Can be used with either a cylinder pull or a pull handle and thumbturn cylinder.
  • Innovative magnet only activates the anti 'push back' hook bolts once the door is closed, automatically locking the door and preventing damage to the door frame.
  • Dual hook bolts provide extra security and enhanced weathersealing.
  • Daylatch switch enables temporary release of the locking system for convenient access without a key - e.g. when carrying shopping in from the car.
  • Tested to PAS24 and Secured by Design Approved.
  • Left Hand Heritage Premium auto lock system, fires latches when the door closes, 55mm backset, 20mm face plate, overall length of 1770mm supplied with 33mm left hand centre line keep incorporating the day switch & magnet latch feature and individual flush adjustable keeps.
  • All items finished in Matt Smooth Black.


  • Guarantee:10 Years