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ISO-Bloco One Joint Sealing Tape

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  • ISO-Bloco One is a high performance joint sealing foam tape to quickly and effectively install and seal windows.
  • Enables windows to be installed from inside the building during the construction phase without the need for expensive external access systems.
  • Can be applied in any weather.
  • The self-adhesive expanding tape provides you with a 3-in-1 multi-function 'fit and forget' solution.
  • The external seal area provides weather resistance and breathability.
  • The intermediate seal area provides extra thermal and acoustic properties.
  • The internal seal provides air tightness and humidity regulation.
  • Impermeable to driving rain even at a minimum pressure of 1,000 Pa.
  • Internal air tight seal ensures less than 0.1 cubic metres of air loss even when tested at 1,000 Pa pressure difference.
  • Provides a U-value of 0.55 and reduces sound by 63 dB.
  • Suitable for passive energy houses and complies with EnEV requirements and the RAL window installation principles.