ML126S (AV2) Kit A, Left Hand, Vogue Auto Lock, 45mm Back Set, 16mm Face Plate with 28mm Centre Line Individual Keeps

SKU: ML126S-KIT-45-28-A-LH

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  • Vogue standard multipoint auto door lock from Winkhaus.
  • Provides a contemporary look with the cylinder and central gearbox located approx halfway up the door.
  • Often used with a pull handle and thumbturn cylinder to create a contemporary 'slam shut' style door.
  • Solid anti 'push back' hook bolts automatically trigger and lock upon shutting the door.
  • High performance, strengthened centre gearbox.
  • Tested to PAS24 and Secured by Design Approved.
  • Left Hand Auto lock system, fires latches when the door closes, 45mm backset, 16mm square end face plate, Size 2 (600mm to box height), overall length of 2105mm supplied with 28mm left hand centre line centre dust pocket keep and individual surface adjustable keeps.


  • Guarantee:10 Years