A Better Way To Lock Your Door

You no longer need old style night latch and 5-lever mortice locks with multiple keys to achieve the heritage style look on your doors thanks to the launch of our enhanced Heritage Multipoint Locking Systems.

In fact, by using our Heritage Multipoint door locks you can not only get the look you are after, but combine that with the latest door lock technology to deliver vastly increased security and weather protection.

Designed to complement both traditional and modern style doors, our enhanced system houses the cylinder at chest height similar to where a cylinder pull is traditionally located, making them much simpler to machine out.

Available in 2 versions - a key operated kit or an automatic door lock kit, the benefits don’t stop there because they are available from stock with kit prices starting at £94.50 (+ vat) including Lock, Keeps & Day Latch.

Option 1 – Heritage Key Operated Multipoint Door Lock Kit:


  • Ultra smooth key turn activated gearbox
  • Twin tapered deadbolts designed for low operating force combined with increased weather protection
  • Reliable, durable and fool-proof mechanism
  • Day latch mode – means when door is unlocked you can push and pull the door, as if it’s on a roller ball, without needing to turn key or levers

Kit includes: Lock, Keeps & Day Latch and priced from:

£94.50 (+ vat)

Option 2 – Heritage Plus Automatic Multipoint Door Lock Kit:


  • Innovative magnet technology automatically activates hook locks once the door is closed
  • Duo hook and claw provides high security and enhanced weather sealing
  • Latch located at central gearbox combines with additional steel plate to provide superior security
  • Daytime latch enables temporary release of locking system allowing easy entry when required
  • Compatible with our Biometric access system

Kit includes: Lock, Keeps, Magnet Technology & Day Latch Switch and priced from:

£150.40 (+ vat)

These locking systems are already proving very popular and cost-effective options for timber front entrance doors.

To order yours today, or to speak to one of the team about them, call us on 01726 871025 or email [email protected]

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