Increase Your Sales and Stand Out From the Crowd with blu™ hardware display boards

Homeowners are becoming more discerning than ever before when it comes to the style of doors and windows they want. As a result, your showroom will often be the place where sales are potentially won or lost.

And when it comes to the blu™ range of high performance 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel hardware, having an eye-catching showroom display can give you a distinct advantage over the opposition.

Enabling customers to see and feel the beauty and quality of 316 hardware first hand and being able to discuss key features and benefits will give you a real point of difference in the market.

Here at Coastal we are helping our customers do just that with our new blu™ showroom display boards. A proven and effective way to help you upsell the enhanced corrosion-resistant hardware range, the new boards quickly add value to your doors and windows and are a real showroom talking point.

The Benefits of Hardware Display Boards

They let customers see and feel the quality of blu™ high performance 316 Stainless Steel hardware for themselves.

And by enabling customers to quickly understand the benefits of our beautifully designed and manufactured 316 hardware first hand, our eye-catching display boards:

  • Enable your doors and windows to stand out from the competition

  • Are a proven way to increase sales revenues by enabling homeowners to feel the blu range first hand. Once they have, they upgrade their hardware choice to blu™

  • Become a highly effective ‘silent salesman’ in your showroom – giving an aesthetic ‘wow’ factor by bringing blu hardware to life

The display boards are the perfect way to add impact to your showroom display areas. Available in wall mounted or floor display options they are fitted with the hardware you choose and can be created with your own corporate branding.

Many door and window manufacturers, system houses and fabricators have used them to great effect. The have highlighted how their customers have chosen blu™ hardware over other hardware ranges after feeling the quality and ‘super-satin’ finish of the blu™ products.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and give your showroom the added ‘wow’ factor.

Call us today on 01726 871025 or email [email protected].

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