Offer Black Antique Hardware To Your Customers and Install It With Confidence - DURATIQUE, Antique Hardware Made in the UK

DuraTique - Antique Hardware That doesn't rustAt last a range of Black antique door hardware which doesn't rust - DURATIQUE.

So many homeowners today still want traditional style door hardware because it suits the design and style of their property. But many door manufacturers are reluctant to fit traditional antique hardware because of the issues it can traditionally bring – it’s highly likely to rust quickly and soon fail to operate properly within months of installation. That means expensive visits back to site for you to replace poor performing iron hardware – wasting your valuable time and money. However that's not the case with DURATIQUE.

Introducing DURATIQUE - a Range of Stainless Steel Antique Hardware which you can offer to your customers and fit to your doors with confidence - fully tested and fully guaranteed antique hardware.

Protect your brand and reputation by fitting DURATIQUE hardware to your doors. See the many benefits DURATIQUE brings you below, view the video, then request your sample finish swatches and brochure by completing the form below.

What other antique hardware would you like added to the DURATIQUE Range? Add your requests and suggestions to the form below and we will do what we can to help.

Delivering the traditional antique style that customers are looking for, blended with the latest modern performance, DURATIQUE hardware provides you a wealth of benefits including:

  • Durability – made from solid stainless steel with a high quality antique finish. The hardware will not rust and has proven itself with the handle successfully Salt Spray Tested to Class 5.
  • Performance – handles have been Cycle Tested to 200,000 cycles plus and include a ‘double-sprung’ positive action when opening/locking your door. Letter plates achieved ‘Best in Class’ performance in air, wind and water tests.
  • Consistency – the back plates of the handles go through a CNC process to ensure you don’t have any of the usual issues with antique hardware when lining up and fitting the handles
  • Quality – in-house assembly of the high quality components ensures you receive the quality hardware product your doors and customers deserve, every time
  • Lifetime Value – with a 25 Year Guarantee this hardware will give your doors the best performance value over the lifetime of your doors. No more expensive call outs back to site to sort issues of corroding black antique hardware

Worried about your hardware supply chain with with recent events across the globe? You can rely on Coastal with the DURATIQUE hardware range being assembled in the UK. No more supply chain issues or production lines going down due to hardware supply shortages!

What’s more, DURATIQUE is a suited range of antique hardware including:

DuraTique Door Handle

Multipoint door lock handles

DuraTique Letter Plate

Letter plates

DuraTique Door Knocker

Door knockers

DuraTique Euro Profile Cylinder Pull

Cylinder pulls

DuraTique Centre Door Knob

Centre door knobs

DuraTique Hinge


The DURATIQUE antique hardware range is available in 4 popular TEXTURED finishes:

Matt Black
Autumn Bronze
Dark Bronze

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