ROLKAR – the perfect bottom rolling bi-fold door system

Our Rolkär Bottom Rolling Bi-Fold System is proving a real hit with joiners, architects and home-owners alike and its clear to see why.

With no need for any overheard structural support, the bottom rolling system for outward opening doors is ideal for orangeries, conservatories, new builds and extensions alike and comes with a wealth of benefits including.

  • Easy to include in building design – new builds, extensions, orangeries and conservatories. All the weight is supported by the threshold meaning no above the door structural support is required
  • Provides a clean, minimalist look with the track and roller system hidden under the doors
  • Smoother operation due to the advanced roller mechanism
  • Easy to install and adjust, saving you time
  • Available in multiple outward opening configurations, removing the need to set up for multiple systems
  • Weather and corrosion resistant - manufactured from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel -making it suitable for use in acidic timber and in saline climates

Available in four finishes:   Satin Stainless Steel   Polished Stainless Steel   Black   Stainless Brass


Why not fit our Hollodeen Bi-fold Door Threshold

The system can also be used with our highly successful Hollodeen Bi-fold Door Threshold which will add even greater value and performance, ensuring your customer can enjoy a bi-fold door system which will provide years of trouble-free operation.


To find out more about our Rolkär system click here For more information on our innovative Hollodeen Thresholds click here. Alternatively call one of the team on 01726 871 025 or email [email protected]

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