Save Time, Increase Quality and Say Goodbye to Pinholes

We know how important saving time is when it comes to window and door production processes. But what about saving time and increasing quality? Our new Dry Glazing System is designed to do just that.

Whilst there may be differing opinions in the trade about dry glazing, we have been working on a system here at Coastal that will bring measurable benefits to your window production processes. You can watch the benefits of the new system fully explained on our new video below:



The benefits are delivered in a number of ways, the main ones being:

  • Completely removing the need for pinholes
  • Providing you with pre-machined beads (in any profile you require)*
  • Quality hardware components that will increase the lifespan of the window
  • Increased security features

The key benefit of the system is in reducing the amount of time you waste machining your beads, filling pinholes and redecorating. And with our Dry Glazing System you will no longer have to outsource your glazing.

No Need for a Hockey Stick Bead

With dry glazing systems many people feel you need a hockey stick bead. This is because dry glazing does need a vented window system and will be specified as such. However at Coastal we don’t believe you need to use a hockey stick bead. Why? We don’t recommend them as we don’t think they look traditional and if anything they spoil the clean lines of the window. We suggest using a capillary groove instead with drainage holes, as explained in our 'Why Dry Glaze' video - hence the reason the system works best when using Accoya timber.

Durodeen Beading

Instead, the bead we use is a Durodeen Bead, made up of Polyurethane composite materials which are not only stable but will help increase the longevity of the window. The use of Durodeen beading also removes the issue of timber beading splitting, rotting and bowing. Durodeen works very well on a scribing machine without exploding or breaking out, and you can paint your top coat of paint straight on without having to waste time priming. Once again, speeding up your production time and increasing the longevity of your windows and doors. Another benefit of this bead is its shape. The nailer has a special nose on it, which goes down into a groove and fires the nail in a curve back to the outside face of the window - delivering increased security. Simply nail the bead on, push the Deventer Glazing gasket in and that is your window sealed.

CoFirm Double-Sided Security Glazing Tape

On the back inside edge of the window we use Cofirm Double-Sided Security Glazing tape, which we stock in many sizes of both thickness and height to suit your needs. The Double-Sided Security Glazing Tape holds glass securely in place and enables a unit to be externally glazed, holding the unit square within the sash and preventing glazing from dropping. It’s an incredibly fast, incredibly efficient system and incredibly easy to work with using quality components:

And not a pinhole in sight!!!

Want to see the system live for yourself?

Call our team now on 01726 871 025 or email us on [email protected] and arrange for a demonstration at your premises

*Subject to order number levels

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