TRICOAT – your ideal hardware for protection against corrosion

A new range of anti-corrosive door and window hardware from Coastal Group is set to solve the problem of rusted and corroded hardware – in particular corroded locks and espag bolts.

Incorporating the innovative MACO 4safecoating 4 layer protective coating, the revolutionary new MACO TRICOAT hardware range of door locks, window espagnolettes and Tilt & Turn systems have been specially developed to provide the ultimate in enhanced corrosion protection.

Boasting a comprehensive range of hardware solutions for door and window systems - the new MACO TRICOAT range is the ideal solution for properties in coastal locations, in areas of high pollution such as in large cities or for use in acidic timbers such as Accoya® and oak.

Key features include:


Exceeds Class 5 Corrosion Resistance Standards BS EN 1670:2007 by more than twice


10 Year Surface Finish Guarantee when fitted to acidic timber


Matt finish provides a premium look and feel


Tested and proven durability in accordance with salt spray test EN ISO 9227


Extreme resistance to scratching, water and dirt


Durable and self-healing coating ensuring the surface finish and performance is maintained throughout the lifetime of the hardware


Reduces the risk of potential call-backs from homeowners

According to Mike Lewis of Accsys Technologies which manufactures Accoya® & Tricoya® wood, joinery firms will reap the benefits of using Tricoat hardware.

“The innovative range of Tricoat window hardware, with its protective surface coating, is extremely well suited for using along with Accoya® wood. I can see many benefits to joinery companies in fitting Tricoat hardware to their Accoya® windows and doors.”

Coastal MD Loren Jenner says the performance test results of the new MACO TRICOAT range, including the new Multipoint Door Lock - speaks for itself:

“The new range we're distributing for MACO across the whole of the UK is a fantastic addition to our hardware solutions. The performance it delivers is unsurpassed, having more than proved itself in intensive corrosion tests, both under laboratory and real-world conditions.

“An in-house long-term corrosion protection test was successfully carried out at MACO over 1 1⁄2 years exceeding the requirements of Class 5 in accordance with EN 1670:2008. To meet even the most extreme conditions, this test was carried out on an Accoya® test element directly on a natural weathering test rig on the Croatian coast."

A new brochure featuring all of the products across the new range including full technical specifications has been created by Coastal. To receive a copy, contact the team at [email protected] or call 01726 871 025. You can also request a call back with one of the team to discuss how the Tricoat hardware range can help increase the performance of your doors and windows.

Elevate and protect your brand and reputation by fitting TRICOAT.

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High Performance · Protects Against Corrosion · Matt Finish · Premium Feel


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