What does your letter plate say about your door?

Does the letter plate you fit to your front door sets enhance and improve their look and performance?

Or do they let them down and put customers off buying them?

We believe our stunning range of letter plates can not only enhance how your door sets look but offer significant purchase appeal, giving you the edge over your customers.


We’ve created a range that not only delivers ‘Best in Class’ performance but combines it with the ultimate in great design and looks too.

Part of a fully suited door hardware range, the new letter plates are available in both stainless steel and antique finishes to suit all customer needs.

Introducing DuraTique - an innovative new name in letter plate design

In addition to contemporary and classic styling from our market leading blu range we are delighted to introduce our innovative new DuraTique ranges.

A fantastic addition to our door hardware range, the new DuraTique letter plates offer the finest quality antique styles with modern technology and durable performance.

At the heart of the DuraTique range is the use of a stainless steel base material which is then given a specialist durable top coating to give it its antique finish. Antique looks, modern performance.

Whether your customer chooses from the blu or DuraTique ranges quality is guaranteed through a range of features including:

  • BS6375-1 Weather Tested - Extremely resistant to Air (BS EN 12207:2000 Class 4), Water (BS EN 12208:2000 Class A9) and Wind (BS EN 12210:2001 Class 5)
  • Successfully used in PAS24 Security Test
  • Stainless Steel base material for longevity and performance to keep your doors looking good for years to come
  • In house assembly for consistent quality assurance making it ideal for use in CNC set ups

But the benefits go deeper than that with manufacturing quality that is second to none including:

  • Integral brushes, baskets and telescopic liner
  • Built in inner security flap to help prevent fishing
  • Back to back construction for enhanced strength
  • Countersunk fixing screws featuring specialist finish to match finish of letter plate
  • Stainless steel base material with specialist durable top coating to create an antique finish (DuraTique range)
  • 316 Marine Grade stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance (blu range)

Best in Class Performance

When we say ‘Best in Class Performance’ our letter plates deliver proven test results against the BS EN Air Permeability, Water Tightness and Wind Resistance tests.

Air Permeability Test – BS EN 12207:2000 – measures the volume of air that passes through the letter plate at different pressures. Class 4 is the highest class and was successfully achieved.

Water Tightness Test – BS EN 12208:2000 – in this test, water is forced at the letter plate through water nozzles, to represent driving rain, at differing pressures for lengthening periods of time. The highest designated class is A9, which indicates the letter plate withstood 600 Pa of water pressure for 55 minutes without compromise.

Wind Resistance Test – BS EN 12210:2001 – this tests at which point draughts can get through the letter plate. Class 5 is the highest classification which is achieved after withstanding 2000 Pa. We achieved 3000 Pa which is equivalent to a wind speed of approx. 152mph! Anything above a wind speed of 74mph is classed as a hurricane so our letter plates are well able to withstand anything the British weather can throw at them.

Speak to our team of hardware specialists today on 01726 871 025 or email [email protected] to discuss how our new letter plate ranges can bring many benefits to your doorsets.

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