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Buying Multipoint Locks? You May want to read this

21st June 2016

Euro Cylinder multipoint Locks

It’s all too easy to get in a purchasing pattern when ordering window and door hardware, such as multipoint locks, and not see new and upgraded products that provide a range of enhanced features and benefits.

We noticed this recently with customers who have traditionally ordered our Multipoint Locks. Great products without a doubt. But not as good as our own innovative new 3 Star Euro Cylinder – the KABA pExtra Guard Cylinder.

The new cylinder provides a wealth of enhanced features including:

  • Patent protected key blanks to prevent illegal key copying
  • Meets Class 6 security standard EN1303
  • Compliance with PartQ building Regulations
  • Meets TS007, British Kitemark approved 3-Star Cylinder standards
  • Compliance Certificate available to show customer and building inspector
  • Use any lever handle of your choice and still comply

A fantastic new lock that protects homes from all common types of attack including drilling, picking, bumping, snapping and plug extraction.

We think you’ll our new KABA pExtra Guard Cylinder so much order one before June 30th and we will send you a bottle of red wine! Cheers.

Simply call us on 01726 871025 or email [email protected]

Our Drive for Excellence Starts by Listening

1st June 2016

we need your help

Here at Coastal we believe that listening to our customers and responding to their needs has been one of the cornerstones of our success.

Providing the right advice, information, support and products to help our customers deliver a better service for theirs is vital for building long lasting relationships.

One of the benefits of listening is that our customers often share the challenges and issues that they are facing in the market.

And because we love a challenge here at Coastal, we always try and come up with a solution for them.

So we’d love to hear from you to let us know what you want and we’ll see if we can come up with the solution. It could be anything:

  • New product concept
  • Labour saving idea
  • New legislation products
  • New finishes and materials
  • Modifications or improvements to existing products


Simply click on this link and send us your suggestions and as a token for your input we’ll send you a Galaxy Bar.

If the link does not work simply email suggestions to [email protected] with the subject line: Tell us what you want….