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Get in the perfect Tempo with Our Brand New Deventer Weatherseal

19th September 2017

Brand New Deventer Tempo Weatherseal

With horrendous weather recently hitting the headlines and winter just around the corner, how effective are the weatherseals you use are?

Do they offer maximum protection against the worst of the winter weather? Are they made using the very latest high performance materials, creating a more effective seal in tandem with better acoustic and thermal properties?

Our brand new SPV6009 Tempo Weatherseal Gasket by Deventer is the perfect fit for casement windows and doors - featuring hollow core technology to deliver a wealth of year round benefits.

Did you Know?

Many weatherseals on the market have foam as their core material.

Our new SPV6009 Tempo by Deventer Weatherseal features hollow core performance providing a better compression seal and further enhancing acoustic and thermal performance.

Features of the new Weatherseal include:

  • High-grade TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) rubber with excellent mechanical characteristics
  • Unique design ensures no water absorbed – preventing damp intrusion and stopping the timber from rotting
  • Maximum sealing and insulation values
  • Functional parts in closed-cell micro-foam
  • High tolerance one-flipper foot construction for smooth mounting
  • Anti-stretch protection for a perfectly stable joint of offset-cut angles

Ideal as a perfect secondary seal on stormproof or high performance flush windows, the SPV6009 is designed for a 3mm groove and suitable for up to 5mm compression.

It is also available in black, brown, white and grey finishes.

For the most effective weatherseals for your doors and window – ask for Tempo by Deventer from Coastal.

To find out more about our full range of Weatherseals click here. For more information on the SPV6009 Tempo Weatherseal by Deventer click here

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