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What’s the big SEAL?

30th April 2018

At Coastal we work with the World's leading manufacturers to put the best solutions at your fingertips. And when it comes to weatherseals - our work with Deventer will give your timber doors and windows both thermal and acoustic performance that is second to none.

But just how important are weatherseals?

The answer to this question is easy: very important. In fact they are one of the most important features of all doors and windows.

For homes that have not been weathersealed, air leaks can account for up to 30 to 40% of the home's overall heat and cooling loss. That's a lot of wasted energy and unnecessary fuel costs, especially in today's energy conscious world.

Deventer Weatherseal Performance Delivered Straight to Your Door

Deventer's focus on continual product development and improvement has seen them become the World's first (and only) weatherseal manufacturer to acquire a renowned Cradle-to-Cradle product certificate.

The Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™ Product Standard guides manufacturers through a continual improvement process that looks at a product through five quality categories:

  • Material health
  • Material reutilization
  • Renewable energy and carbon management
  • Water stewardship
  • Social fairness

You can fit Deventer weatherseal with the peace of mind it will perform on your doors and windows for years to come. An independent Assessment of Approval was carried out on the SPV12 testing air permeability. After over 31 months of ageing, including 4 weeks in a climate chamber and mechanical load test of 20,000 cycles, the performance of the SPV12 compression weatherseal was found not to change and was still achieving highest Class 4 air leakage test results according to BS-EN 12207.

By working closely with Deventer your products will not only benefit from high performance weatherseals but ones that are part of a continual focus of development, innovation, improvement and quality.

What Does that Mean For You?

Fitting a quality weatherseal doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive and our unique Deventer range bring you benefits including:

  • Quick and Easy to Fit saving you labour costs
  • Resistant to water absorption preventing your timber from rotting
  • Enhanced protection from wind, water and noise
  • Working temperature range of -40 to +120
  • High quality materials compatible with resin and acrylic paint
  • Low force required when opening/closing door/window

Want to find out more?

To find out more about our extensive range of high performance weatherseals visit: the Tapes, Seals & Weatherseals section on our website by clicking here

Try the Deventer weatherseal for yourself – it couldn’t be simpler.

Coastal provides sample packs of our range of Deventer’s weatherseals so you can see how effective they are. To request your sample pack please email us on [email protected] using the sample order code of 'SAM-TEMPO-PACK' and we will send you one out.

Do you use Multipoint Locks in your doors?

25th April 2018

Whether its grand entrance double doors, ultra modern contemporary doors or classic French doors, Coastal's suited range of Multipoint locks means you've got everything you need covered in one standardised range.

Combining consistently flawless quality with innovative technology - including the UK's biggest stock of market leading Winkhaus solutions - our fantastic range of Multipoint locking systems are designed to suit every customer's needs - including single, double and even stable door locking systems.

And because we are the biggest stockist of Winkhaus Multipoint Locks - we can supply you the next working day with any standard stock order placed.

Click on the links below to see our full range of:

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3 Star TS007 Security in one easy step

9th April 2018

Many times customers focus on fitting a quality multipoint door lock to ensure their entrance doors are highly secure and protected against burglary, but what about the lock cylinder?

Do you fit a quality 3 Star Cylinder to provide maximum security protection? Why not try them out with our First Time Order Offer*, details below…

Our innovative 3 Star Euro Cylinder from Kaba – the pExtra Guard provides 3 Star TS007 Security in one easy step. It also removes the need to fit a security rated door handle, giving you a much greater choice of handles.

Protect your door against attack from -

drilling, snapping, picking & bumping

by fitting our Kaba pExtra Guard featuring a sacrificial break slot.

When is the last time you considered the cylinder you fit? Don't downgrade the security of your entrance doors by fitting a poor quality cylinder.

Feedback on the KABA pExtra Guard 3 Star Cylinder

“Out of all the cylinders we have tested the KABA pExtra Guard is by far the most secure” - Senior Test Engineer – Wintech Engineering (UKAS)

Click here for more information on these 3 Star Cylinders

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Quote P3-0418 to qualify, but HURRY – *offer only valid until end April.

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