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Caught on Camera – all the benefits of our Brilliant Tilt & Turn System

29th May 2018

There are so many benefits of using our Maco Tricoat Tilt & Turn System it’s difficult to know where to start. What’s for sure is that not only will you notice them but your customers will too.

To really spell out the features we’ve created two short films so you can see how brilliantly innovative the system is and even show you just how simple it is to fit and install.

You can see the video’s for yourself by simply clicking here

The Tilt and Turn System is the perfect solution for both single and double opening configurations, delivering high quality and high performance to your customers.

Benefitting from Maco’s unique Tricoat protective surface finish, the system is also perfect to use with acidic timber such as Accoya and in coastal locations.

In stock, it’s also easier to machine and comes with a full support package that includes drawings and in-house quoting configuration software for fast turnaround of quotes.

But what are some of the other benefits of using our Tilt & Turn System?

  • Accredited to 1000 hours of salt spray testing before any signs of corrosion – more than twice the industry standard requirement
  • Suitable for many applications including Juliet balcony doors and windows
  • Durable and self-healing surface finish – Tricoat reduces the risk of potential call-backs from homeowners
  • Enhanced aesthetics - slim meeting stiles, maximum glass and no need for a central mullion
  • Double memory gasket to ensure consistent compression around the frame and provide better weather protection and acoustic values
  • Increased security – additional locking points and no handles on the outside

Want to know more? Our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide you with more information. Simply call us on: 01726 871 025 or email: [email protected]

Red Horse Screw – Get Your Free Sample Pack Today

18th May 2018

We’ve teamed up with renowned Danish Screw innovators Red Horse to bring you the best timber joinery screw on the market – RED HORSE.

Used by World leading window manufacturers, such as Velux and Velfac, the RED HORSE cold forged screw is available in cutting edge ZYTEC™ technology coated material or in A2 stainless steel.

Offering 100% consistent fixing, Red Horse screws will enhance your products and streamline production lines with a wealth of benefits that include:

  • Consistent high quality and accuracy saving you production time
  • Thread cut is half the depth of the screw diameter making it more effective at removing the wood and reducing the chance of the wood splitting
  • Unique ‘headlock’ design ensures a tight fixing every time
  • Zytec coating provides the strength of a cold forged steel screw with Class 3 corrosion resistance

Customers already using them are delighted with the results.

“We started using RED HORSE screws last year and have been thoroughly impressed with the results. We are now using these screws on all of our window and door hardware due to the excellent corrosion resistance. This has led to reduced costs and more importantly to better customer satisfaction. We have also used these screws in PAS24 tests which have passed successfully,”

said Heron Joinery

Designed to provide optimum performance and precision every time they are used, wider benefits of the Red Horse screw include:

  • Whilst standard screw tolerance levels are 0.5, Red Horse has a tolerance level of 0.2 ensuring consistently high quality & accuracy giving peace of mind
  • Minimal number of different Torx head sizes across the screw size range reducing the need to frequently change the bit
  • 90°angle of countersunk head enables greater coverage of pressure, reducing the chance of stripping the head
  • Ribs on the head have material removed between them, keeping the screw head size same as standard countersunk screws
  • Thread starts at the ‘S-Point’, coming through further to end of the screw giving a greater and quicker ‘bite’
  • Slightly bevelled head means you don’t have to be so accurate at getting the screw in straight to maintain a quality appearance
  • Screws are more ductile enabling them to bend/flex with the door or window profile without snapping

According to Input Joinery since starting to use RED HORSE the benefits have been clear to them and their customers.

"We have now been using the RED HORSE screws from Coastal Group now for over 6 months and been very happy with every aspect of them from the clean look that they now give our locking & hinge systems, through to the quality of the screw itself with its Torx head and pre drill tip. They have also been an integral part of us achieving PAS24:2012 security status on our window & doors."

Want to try them for yourself? Contact us today on [email protected] and request your sample box so you can see and feel the difference first hand.

Rolkär – the bifold door system that can be fitted into virtually any space

15th May 2018

Bifold systems are increasingly popular with homeowners right across the UK whether specifying them on new builds, extensions or retro-fitting them as part of property refurbishments.

They offer a fantastic way to bridge the gap between inside and out. But for many properties, the lack of structural support has historically meant bifolds have not been an option.

But the launch of our innovative bottom rolling folding door system removes the need for top hung structural building support enabling you to fit a bifold into virtually any space.

Perfect for conservatories, extensions, orangeries and outbuildings, the Rolkär system gives you opportunities to sell bifold systems to homeowners for applications previously not possible.

Using advanced roller system technology directly underneath the door, Rolkär frees up design space creating a clean, minimalistic look. And when the doors are closed the system is barely visible.

Key benefits of the Rolkär, include:

  • Easy to install system with a smooth operation

  • Fully adjustable both vertically and laterally within the framework, ensuring an accurate fit every time

  • Manufactured from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel making it extremely weather and corrosion resistant

And of course, as well as providing this innovative new system, we are also backing this up with a range of technical support and materials including drawings, data card, non-mortice and mortice fitting guides.

Watch our short video (below) to see the demo system for yourself.

For more information click here to visit the Rolkär product page, simply complete the enquiry form and a member of our team will then contact you shortly.

If you have any questions whilst completing the form please do not hesitate to contacts us on 01726 871 025 or [email protected].

Investing in Quality & Knowledge to Support You

8th May 2018

Here at Coastal we are committed to bringing the very best products on the market to support you. But it’s not just about great products – it’s about great customer service too.

And one of the main ways to help you is by having a team that is highly knowledgeable, experienced and on hand to deal with any technical questions or issues that you might have.

Last year we undertook a major investment to create a new warehouse, office facilities and packing lines, which meant we could hold more stock than ever before and get it out and delivered to you quicker and more efficiently.

But we recognised that in addition to having the best hardware products on the market it’s the technical knowledge and support of our team that delivers major benefits on a daily basis.

So the investment and focus on keeping the team at the forefront of the industry continues daily. They are on hand daily to help you with any technical issues, questions or support you need.

Not only does that mean support over the phone or via email, but it also extends to providing you with CAD and PDF drawings to help speed up your production process and deal with any queries you may have..

As one happy customer recently stated:

“Coastal actually care, they know what they’re talking about and can give you advice.”

Backing that knowledge up is our website – - which has masses of technical support and detailed product information to call upon, and of course our Product Ordering Guide (POG) which puts our product range at your fingertips.

So if you have a question, problem or query, simply get in touch with the Coastal team today by calling 01726 871025 or email [email protected].

blu™ hardware sails through the acid test

2nd May 2018

The benefits of only using 316 Marine Grade quality stainless steel to manufacture its range of door and window hardware has been highlighted by blu™ after sailing through internationally recognised corrosion tests.

The company, which offers the UK’s largest range of 316 Marine Grade door and window hardware, saw its HAB2 Bar Pull Handle totally surpass the internationally recognised Salt Mist Test in accordance with: ISO 9227:2017 and 480-hour duration test as per Class 5 of BS EN 1670:2007 Section 5.2.

So good was its performance that after 480 hours the handle left the test centre without any trace of corrosion despite being continually exposed over many hundreds of hours to a corrosive salt spray across a range of temperatures from +35 °C +/-2 °C.

According to blu™ MD Loren Jenner the performance of the blu™ hardware not only saw it blitz the official test, but left a major impression with the UKAS certified testing house - the Product Assessment and Reliability Centre.

HAB2 Pull Handle“The ISO 9227/BS EN 1670:2007 salt spray test is one that many hardware manufacturers shy away from – but we were delighted that our blu HAB2 bar pull handle sailed through, without any sign of corrosion or rusting. In fact they were so impressed, the words of the test technician were: “I have never seen anything quite like this before,” said Loren.

“Demand for stainless steel hardware has grown massively over the last couple of years but the acid test is this. Is it manufactured from 316 Marine Grade stainless steel? If it isn’t it’s more likely to succumb to the corrosive UK environment which will increase the chances of costly call backs from unhappy customers.

“With over 80% of the UK exposed to high atmospheric corrosion cheaper hardware such as that made from 304 stainless steel just won’t be able to stand up to the elements over any length of time like 316 Marine Grade will, and depending on the location, could soon start to become subject to pitting, corrosion and rusting. This soon ruins the look of the door or window and results in unhappy homeowners.”

Every product across the blu™ range is manufactured using 316 Marine Grade stainless steel and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, leaving blu™ MD Loren Jenner in no doubt that it sets the benchmark for quality and performance.

“We believe that attention to detail is everything when it comes to our hardware. Our hardware surfaces have a super-satin finish as standard with the smoother surface making it harder for any contaminants to settle on the hardware. The coarser or grainier a finish on the handle the more opportunity there is for contaminants to settle on the surface,” he said.

For more information on the blu™ range of high performance 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel door and window hardware visit our product page, or to see a sample of blu™ handles, and feel the difference for yourself, email [email protected] or tel: 01726 871 025.