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New innovation to speed up production time & deliver enhanced lifetime for your ultimate sliding wood door system

27th June 2018

Innovative technology features strongly in our new HS Portal SCV Lift & Slide system, which means we’ve been able to reduce your manufacturing time and deliver an enhanced life span with wider environmental benefits.

By listening to customers we’ve been able to design and create what we believe is the best Straight Sliding Wood Door System on the market today. Not only is the new HS Portal SCV Lift & Slide System quicker and easier to manufacture but it also has wider benefits including:

Unique Durodeen weatherproof profiles

Premachined, these profiles boast excellent paint adherence and can be painted to match the door frame. Durodeen saves you time and the unique material they’re made from means they won’t rot removing the need for costly site call-backs. They also provide a double weather seal for enhanced performance.

Hollodeen Premachined Resin Thresholds

Our Hollodeen stone lookalike resin threshold option not only saves you production time, but it won’t rot increasing the lifetime of your door, comes with a lifetime guarantee, and will help you meet Part M compliance. It improves the thermal values of your door with an excellent ‘U-value’ of 0.4W/m2 K. We have a Hollodeen Threshold available for whichever of the sliding door schemes you require.

Environmental Benefits

Not only will Durodeen and Hollodeen never rot, helping the system deliver a longer lifespan, but they can also be recycled – boosting your environmental credentials. As one joiner who has used the system stated:

“The system combines excellent hardware technology with the beauty of timber and as a result, clients love it.”

To find out more about the innovation and technology built into our HS Portal SCV Lift and Slide Door System visit our dedicated Hollodeen and Durodeen web pages.

To view a sample of Hollodeen or Durodeen, and see the benefits of these for yourself contacts us on [email protected] or 01726 871 025.

To discuss your requirements:

Contact us today on [email protected] or 01726 871 025 with any questions you may have.


Introducing HS Portal - Your ultimate straight sliding timber door system

18th June 2018

Committed to developing new door and window hardware solutions, we’ve listened to feedback in the market concerning the issues being faced by customers with their current lift & slide timber door systems – and developed a new solution.

Addressing the needs of the market, our brand new HS Portal SCV Lift and Slide System is packed full of features and benefits for you and your customers.

The feedback so far from joiners who have already used the system  - is emphatic – they love it – and we’re sure you will too.

So what can you expect?

  • Clean Minimalistic Look – As demand for a clean minimalist look increases, we've concealed the top track in the head of the frame and designed a slim bottom rail with no visible screw holes
  • Increased safety and security - Customers voiced concerns on the safety issues with protruding bolts and keeps so we have designed a security Hook Lock that has no protruding bolts and Flush Plate Keeps. The additional Lockable Night Vent feature enables air circulation and is another common request from homeowners
  • Soft Open/Close Feature - The current trend for larger door leaves brings with it the challenge of controlling the door. But our innovative hardware technology means even a sash weighing up to 400kg can be operated safely, conveniently and effortlessly. The new soft close and open option provides you with much greater control over the door. It helps prevent injury and damage to the frame.

See the Features for Yourself

We’ve created a series of videos explaining all of the main features and benefits of the HS Portal Lift and Slide System. Watch the first ones below

Concealed Top Track feature
Soft Close/Open feature
Hook Lock, Flush Plate Keep & Night Vent features

Discuss your Lift and Slide requirements with us today

In stock and ready to roll, contact us today with any questions you may have and to find out more about what the HS Portal SCV Lift and Slide System can do for you!

Contact us on [email protected] or telephone 01726 871 025.

Blu Book Makes the Grade with 0ver 60 High Performance Door and Window Hardware Solutions

12th June 2018

More and more homeowners across the UK are choosing stainless steel door and window hardware. And it’s no surprise – because it looks great. But so much of the mainstream stainless steel hardware simply isn’t up to the job and will often become very quickly corroded, tarnished and discoloured – especially on or near the coast.

The end result – unhappy customers, potentially expensive call backs and time and effort spent remedying work. So why take the risk in the first place?

Blu is renowned as the best-performing, most durable suited range of door and window hardware available today. Perfect for properties in highly corrosive coastal locations or when working with acidic timber such as oak or Accoya, the range of door and window hardware solutions from blu has never been bigger.

blu book coverWith over 60 products available in many finishes across the blu 316 stainless steel hardware range, our blu book is the essential guide to help you give your customers unparalleled quality and stunning design. Featuring our beautiful, stylish and high performing door and window hardware solutions – all manufactured from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel – the new blu book is an essential directory for door and window manufacturers, joinery firms and architects.

Available free upon request from blu by emailing [email protected] - the new book features our leading products including a range of suited products for external doors and windows.

Featured products include:

  • the only black hinge on the market made from 316 stainless steel
  • security escutcheon and cylinder pull
  • sleeved letter plate with weather and security approvals

It’s the UK’s most comprehensive range of 316 Marine Grade solutions.

For anyone looking for high performance, high quality stainless steel door and window hardware, the new blu book is an absolute must have.  Since we launched blu in 2016, the range has continued to develop and grow. The combination of style, manufacturing quality and its ability to thrive – even in the harshest environments – is something our growing numbers of customers really value.

For them to be able to offer their customers a complete range of 316 Marine Grade door and window hardware that they can fit and forget knowing they are providing their customers with a guaranteed peace of mind range is helping make blu the name in high performance hardware solutions.

Comparison ChartMany ask what the difference is between 304 and 316 grade stainless steel and why they need to upgrade to 316. You can find out now by downloading our comparison chart here.

To order your copy of the blu book, find out more about the blu range of performance hardware or to discuss specific requirements, contact us on [email protected] or telephone 01726 871 025.