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Low Profile Threshold Cills for Timber Doors - featuring thermal bridging and Part M compliance

24th July 2018

Our bestselling low profile aluminium thresholds for timber doors are so much more than an excellent weather barrier.

Providing a clean delineation between adjacent floor surfaces not only do they offer weatherproofing, our threshold plates provide an optimum-sealing surface against the bottom of your door.

Seals fitted to the base of doors are often problematic, causing excessive resistance over carpeted uneven floors, making the door difficult to open. Our hardwearing aluminium threshold cills effectively seal the door without the need for this, making it a more pleasant experience to open your door.

Fit these Aluminium Threshold Cills and enjoy many benefits…

With a range of options, features and finishes available and able to be used with many door frames they help enhance the performance of your timber door.

Your key benefits of these high performance slimline threshold cills include:

  • Incorporated Thermal Break options for thermal bridging and insulation requirements – reducing condensation and improving door performance (certain models only)
  • Part M Compliant – meeting standards for disabled access properties
  • Supplied in 3000mm lengths to reduce wastage
  • Pre-Drilled drainage and fixing holes
  • Available in a range of finishes including black, silver and gold
  • Suitable for 44mm and 56mm door thicknesses

Whether you are looking for inward or outward opening threshold solutions – this high performance, slimline range from Coastal meets your needs. Request your sample piece and see the benefits for yourself by filling in the form below:

To find out more about our full range click here or discuss with our team on 01726 871 025 or email [email protected]

Behind the Hardware - How we go the extra mile to support our customers

17th July 2018

Providing customers with support – whether it’s technical, practical or product knowledge – has always been a vital element of the Coastal approach. The quality of that support – in addition to the quality of our door and window hardware solutions - is something customers often comment on and Coastal team member Roger Phillips is an excellent example of that approach.

Before jumping the fence and joining Coastal’s highly experienced and knowledgeable Customer Services Team in 2016, Roger spent over 30 years in the joinery trade.  From indentured apprentice Cabinet Maker he built his career leading him to roles as joinery firm manager. It is this breadth of knowledge and real understanding about the industry that our customers are able to tap into and benefit from.

Roger’s time is spent helping customers – whether that’s over the phone or out on site – drawing upon his experience to help customers with any issues, problems or questions they face.

“The beauty of working here at Coastal is that our aim really is to help our customers and having been in the industry all my adult life, I’m able to understand a lot of the issues they face. I went straight from school and became an apprentice cabinet-maker and have spent the last 30 years in the industry running workshops and teams and also specifying a wide range of hardware.

“It’s great to be on the other side of the fence, as it were, as that background and understanding about products, processes and ways of working, combined with the experience of the other members of the Customer Services team is there to help customers, which in turn helps them deliver better solutions to their customers,” said Roger.

“The role is a really varied one, from helping customers with any technical issues they are facing to talking them through our new products, highlighting the benefits they deliver. As a company we are continually innovating to stay ahead of game and be at the forefront of the industry with state-of-the-art solutions. So it’s great when people call in and you start talking about just what our hardware solutions can do, and you can hear and see customers really buying into them,” he added.

Understanding the needs of the customer is vital at Coastal. Rather than just sell door and window hardware we like to go the extra mile for our customers by discussing their specific projects with them and offering the best solution to meet their needs.

“I think that’s often when the experience in the team comes to bear. Joinery firms have been my life for the past 30 years before joining Coastal, so to be able to really understand some of the key issues and talk practically about how our products can bring real benefits is great,” said Roger.

In fact Roger has also become a key part of the Research & Development and new product innovation at Coastal.

“When the team are coming up with new ideas and prototypes for hardware solutions we’ll sit down and look at them from the practical joinery perspective to make sure we are covering all the bases, which again is a part of the job I really enjoy, he said.

Roger’s advice to any of Coastal’s customers – don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team to discuss an issue, problem, technical enquiry or interest in any of the latest products, to get the inside track on how they can help.

“We are here as a resource for our customers and would encourage them to pick up the phone or email us whether they have a problem, technical issue or are looking for a new solution or product. It’s great to be able to help customers and make a difference,” concluded Roger.

To discuss your requirements, contact our Customer Services Team on [email protected] or 01726 871 025.

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Offer Your Customers Keyless Door Entry Technology with our Biometric Door Locks

9th July 2018

For customers looking for a keyless door entry system, our new Biometric Door Locks provide the perfect solution.

Designed to deliver quick and convenient access to a property without the need for a key, our new system allows homeowners to simply scan their fingerprint or use their mobile phone to open their front door. Security focused, our new Biometric Door Lock Kits use the very latest fingerprint recognition and mobile phone technology to provide a convenient, secure flexible door entry system. What’s more it’s simple to install and set up with key benefits including:

  • Unrivalled convenience - never ‘lose’ your key or lock yourself out again!
  • Easy to use - access gained by your fingerprint or app on your smartphone (depending on kit model
  • Maximum security - anti-tamper protection against forgery with live finger detection technology
  • Intelligent software - detects growth of children’s fingers as well as minor injuries and changes to users’ habits
  • Multiple users - store up to 99 fingerprints
  • User friendly - easy installation and administration
  • Complete control - alter relay times, set the LED intensity on the scanner and much more, you can control all aspects of this system.
  • Bluetooth version - compatible with Apple and Android apps
  • App provides enhanced security
  • Enhanced Protection - Smartphone cannot be used as a key by anyone else thanks to security code protection

Choice and Support

We have a number of systems to choose from and as always, also provide full fitting instructions, technical support and routing preparation details for you. Watch our video to find out more about the system

Want to discuss your requirements?

To discuss your new Biometric Door Lock System requirements contact us on 01726 871 025 or [email protected]

Download a your own copy of our new Biometric Door Lock brochure.

Full Technical Support Service to help you manufacture the UK’s leading sliding door system - HS Portal SCV

3rd July 2018

Our HS Portal SCV Lift & Slide Wood Door System is not only designed to be easier to manufacture but comes with a full technical support package dedicated to help you manufacture.

This combination of product quality and customer support includes:

  • In-house Quote Configurator – enabling fast and accurate turnaround of quotes
  • Generating a full component list for you, removing the pain of trying to work out what components you need
  • Technical support to ease manufacture of both double and triple glazed systems
  • CAD and technical drawings available to download from our website –
  • Support available from our highly experienced, knowledgeable team to deal with any questions or queries you may have

Customers who have already used the system love the benefits of the full technical support package, as Joiner Jon Getz confirms:

We were asked to complete a very challenging project for our client, consisting of a 3.5 metre span with 2.5 metre long sliding door system. We needed the very best hardware on the market and the HS Portal System was the one we opted for.

“But it wasn't just the quality of the hardware, the support we received - both in person and over the phone was brilliant. The documentation was crucial and this technical support made the job a lot smoother than it could have been,” said Jon.

Timber Lift & Slide doors are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, don’t miss out. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with the New HS Portal SCV Lift & Slide Wood Door System on 01726 871 025 or [email protected].

Received your copy of the new 16-page HS Portal Lift & Slide System brochure? If not contact us today on 01726 871 025 or [email protected] to request your copy.