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Time is money - we're here to help you save it

28th August 2018

You get what you pay for so the saying goes – but when it comes to hardware what does that actually mean?

Here at Coastal we’re continually investing time and money to bring you the very best hardware solutions on the market today. Products designed to be easier to use, ones that will save you time, help you achieve Part Q compliance and provide your customer with greater peace of mind.

The peace of mind in fact that avoids costly, time-consuming call-backs and unhappy customers.

In a day when bad news travels fast, what value do you put on customer peace of mind and the business you get from word of mouth? A quality product that lasts longer and provides greater customer satisfaction has a much lower lifetime cost, compared to ‘cheaper’ alternatives.

And because we know your time is money, we’re working to help reduce manufacturing time through constant innovation and support by:

  • Working with tooling companies to help you systemise and reduce the time it takes to produce your doors and windows, helping to reduce your labour cost. A local joinery company wanted a way to produce their single and double doors faster but at the same time increase the quality. Following discussions with a tooling company to create a suitable machining block we provided them with the ideal solution - one block to machine single doors along with Solo and Klone double doors.
  • Support - We put a huge amount of time and effort into creating CAD files of our products, downloadable from our website, to help you with machining for our products. To help you achieve Part Q compliance we invest a lot of time and money designing and testing Part Q certified products and systems. These enable you to manufacture officially UKAS tested and certified doors and windows in line with PAS24 without you having to pay to have your own doors and windows tested.
  • Listening - You ask, we listen – our Research & Development Team are constantly listening to customers suggestions for new products or improvements to existing ones to bring you the products you need

And we believe it’s not just time and money that our approach can save you. We’re here to help you enhance your brand and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Here’s What the Trade Says

Feedback from customers and others in the industry:

“I see you as a solutions provider, not just a seller of hardware”

- Joinery Company owner


“It’s great to see the proactive way in which the team at Coastal constantly work towards bringing solutions to the joinery market”

- Mike Lewis, Accsys Technologies

“Coastal Group are to be applauded for taking such a proactive approach to helping joinery companies meet Part Q responsibilities”

- Iain McIlwee, British Woodworking Federation

Quality Counts

“Don’t under estimate the benefits of a better hardware solution and what it can save you,”

- says Coastal MD Loren Jenner.

“Because we know your time is money, we’re working to help reduce manufacturing time through constant innovation and support”

Why Coastal - Click here to find out.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin -

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

So what’s the cost to you of not trying us for your next hardware order? Well only you can answer that – what value do you put on your time and reputation?

Don’t lose out - contact us now to discuss your next project and how we can help on [email protected] or 01726 871 025.

Tritus™ - The flush casement window system you cannot do without

8th August 2018

With clean lines, flat finish and a style that as easily suits retro fit projects as it does new builds, flush casement windows are an increasingly popular choice.

Getting that exact finish and feel, time after time can be challenging and time consuming – but not any more.

Our new Tritus™ system is the most efficient way to manufacture traditional flush casement windows, combining traditional looks with modern day performance.

Incredibly quick installation can be achieved with the standard 17.3mm x 3mm groove in the sash and 12mm x 3mm groove in the frame. Flexibility is key with five different window configurations possible using the same 2-groove system. It is also highly efficient with the timber sections able to be pre-processed reducing manufacturing times significantly.

What’s more, all ironmongery and accessories are simply located into the grooves, increasing productivity.

The key benefits of using our new Tritus™ system include:

  • Time Saving - you will save 15 – 20 minutes of manufacturing time per opening light during manufacture

  • Speed and Simplicity - incredibly quick and easy window installation and easier to maintain thanks to the Lift off butt hinge option

  • Ideal for windows in Conservation areas with simple and traditional looking sections

  • Available in side or top hung configurations and as single or pairs of sashes

For added choice, Tritus™ Flush Casement Window System FH70 Lift-Off Butt Hinge is available in Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Polished PVD Brass, Silver, Black and White finishes. The Satin and Polished Stainless Steel and PVD Brass finishes are made from blu's 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel to increase the performance of your window system further - an excellent choice for use with acidic timber and in locations on or near the coast. 

Want to Know More?

Request a visit from our team to see how the Tritus™ Window system can help you manufacture Flush Casement Windows more efficiently ndash; simply fill in the form below and click submit

For detailed information and technical spec on the system click here. Or you can discuss your requirements with us on [email protected] or 01726 871 025

4Safecoating - Corrosion-Resistant, Performance Multipoint Locking System

7th August 2018

Living on an Island as we do presents some real issues and challenges when it comes to selecting the right door and window hardware – especially when you are looking at Multipoint Locking Systems.

Whilst you may think the issue of corrosion from salt may only really be an issue for buildings on the coast, According to new research from the Galvanizers Association(1) corrosion levels don’t really fall off until you are between 30 and 50 miles from the coast.

The research also highlights even higher levels of corrosion in more industrial areas such as Liverpool and Manchester.

That means millions of properties affected by potential corrosion issues.

And if you are fitting hardware into doors made from acidiferous woods such as oak or the specially-treated Accoya wood then the risk of corrosion increases that risk significantly higher again – putting you in danger of potentially costly and time consuming call backs.

Prevention is the Best Form of Cure

The best way to avoid having corrosion issues is to avoid them in the first place and with this in mind we have launched the MACO Tricoat 4safekeeping Multipoint Door Lock System (for single and double doors) – successfully tested in some of the harshest conditions.

Designed and tested to protect against the effects of long-term corrosion, Maco's new Tricoat 4safecoating Multipoint Door Lock System brings you many benefits including:

  • Protection for all parts of the lock system - the faceplate, connecting rods, locking elements and gearbox cases

  • The only lock to currently offer a 10-year surface finish guarantee even when fitted in acidic timber as well as a 10-year mechanical warranty

  • A unique construction making it extremely resistant to corrosion and scratching, repelling water and dirt

  • Premium look and feel created by the matt finish

Successfully Long Term-term Tested for use in Accoya wood

To ensure it’s corrosive-resistant performance, the new Multipoint Locking System has been tested in collaboration with Accsys Technologies, both under laboratory and real-world conditions. In addition, an in-house long-term corrosion protection test was successfully carried out at Maco over 18 months.

Going the extra mile to ensure it performed even in the most extreme conditions, we tested an Accoya test element directly on Maco’s natural weathering test rig on the Croatian coast.

So How Does It Achieve Such Performance?

The innovative and unique 4safecoating Tricoat lock protects all 4 parts of the locking system:

  1. Lock Faceplate coated in Tricoat-Plus
  2. Connecting Rod coated in Tricoat-Plus
  3. Locking Elements coated in Tricoat-Plus
  4. Main and auxiliary Lock Gearbox Cases are protected by the Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Protective Sleeves

The Tricoat-Plus coating involves 4 layers on top of the base steel – a Zinc layer then a Conversion layer providing thick layer passivation followed by an E-coat before a top coat of Hydro-baked enamel.

The Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Protective Sleeves are a completely new and innovative solution to protect the gearboxes. This technology has been used successfully in the transport and automotive industries for many years, and Maco is now working together with the company Excor to apply it in the door lock industry.

As soon as the VCI protection sleeve is placed on the door lock, the corrosion-inhibiting substances take effect: they spread in the sleeve in the form of a gas and form a protective molecular coat on the metal surface. This prevents direct contact between the metal and moisture, thereby putting the brakes on the corrosion process. This innovative solution protects the entire lock – including all internal components – even under extreme conditions over many years.

The result is fantastic corrosion-resistance leading to a 10 Year Surface Guarantee and 10 Year Mechanical Warranty – providing you and your customers with total peace of mind.

Corrosion Resistance AND Increased Performance

But it’s not all about just corrosion resistance for the 4safecoating Multipoint Locking System also features:

  • Soft closing latch mechanism

  • Tapered shape of the hook/bolt allows easy locking of the door even with high gasket-compression

  • Hook engagement up to 11mm into the striker ensures hook has enough clearance to not catch on the underside of the striker even if door contracts.

  • Key wind locking mechanism.

  • High security striker plates, hooks and bolts

  • Full gearbox operation tested to 50,000 cycles

  • Single and Double door lock kits available (Double from Oct 2018).

To find out more about this fantastic new multipoint door lock system visit our site call the team on 01726 871 025 or email [email protected]

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Your Opinion Counts – And We’re Delighted With The Results So Far

6th August 2018

Customer service is vitally important to us here at Coastal and as part of our continued strive improve our service to you we’ve recently started sending a short after-sales survey to see how we are doing and how we can get even better.

For those of you who have filled it out so far – a massive thank you for taking time out to do so – we really appreciate it.

We’ve also been delighted with the results so far with our Customer Satisfaction ‘Net Promoter Score’ currently running at 86%.

We’ve also been thrilled with some of the comments that have been left, including:

“Superb problem solving products and second-to-none customer technical support. A great company to work with. Could possibly increase stock levels of your blu® butt hinges.”

“We have had some problems but you have taken action to resolve them”

“Very good and very impressive. Nothing to improve at this stage”

Our DIFOT (Delivered In Full On Time) score is running at 97% and we’re working hard to bring this up to 100% so you always get what you need, when you need it.

A good start but rest assured we are working hard to make our service to you even better.

If you receive one of the after-sales surveys – your feedback is really important to us – so please tell us what you think.

Take our survey

And of course you can always call us or email us on 01726 871 025, or [email protected]

Classically styled hardware with cutting edge performance

1st August 2018

Whilst there has undoubtedly been a rising trend and popularity for contemporary doors and windows and in turn a more modern style of hardware, there remains a strong desire for classical hardware in the market.

And if you have customers who are looking for something more traditional the good news is that you can give them the best of both world’s - classical styling with cutting edge manufacturing quality and performance.

A perfect example of this is our beautiful and classically styled Opera range of handles from our blu™ family of performance hardware.

Guaranteed Performance

The fully suited Opera door and window handles are manufactured from high performance, corrosion-resistant 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel making it perfect for use with oak and Accoya® and for houses on or near the coast.

Suited Handle Range

The dual sprung feature of the stunning, high quality door handle makes it ideal for use with our multipoint locks and combines superbly with the suited window espag handle TBH020 for a truly high specification timber hardware solution. The TBH020 Opera Window Espag Handle features a 7mm spindle and dual spring mechanism enabling it to also be used on Tilt and Turn systems.

Benefits Of Fitting These Handles

Fit the Opera handles to your doors and windows and you and your customers can enjoy the benefits:

  • Elegantly styled classic design with polished highlights
  • Made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel making them particularly suited for use with acidic timbers such as oak and Accoya® and for properties on or near the coast without the worry of hardware corroding, pitting or tea staining
  • Solid stainless steel with unique ‘super-satin and polished’ finish for a quality feel
  • Lifetime Guarantee for extra peace of mind

To find out more about this elegant range of hardware visit:

... or discuss your project with the team call them on 01726 871 025 or email [email protected]