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Like to produce Double Doors which last longer?

18th June 2019

If you are working with acidic timber such as oak or Accoya you could well be facing issues with corroding locks that are holding you back from providing better customer guarantees for your double doors.

Or perhaps it’s the constant threat of corrosive air that’s affecting the performance of your door hardware, whether on the coast or in polluted city locations?

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Avoid these issues and provide customers with a better double door set, giving them and you the peace of mind of guaranteed performance



Corrosion Isn’t Just a Coastal Issue

Over 80% of the UK is exposed to high atmospheric corrosion, which can cause hardware issues. In fact, according to research from the Galvanizer's Association, corrosion levels don’t really start to fall off until you’re between 30 to 50 miles from the coast.

And with the furthest point from the sea measured at 70 miles that means the vast majority of properties in the UK are affected. What’s more, research has shown corrosion levels are even higher in more industrial areas and large cities.

Avoid Corrosion Issues With Our MACO TRICOAT Hardware Solution

The MACO TRICOAT Klone Double Door Lock is a ‘must-have’ multi point locking system for wooden doors – especially those made from acidic timber or fitted near the coast. Features include:

  • Twin handle system which provides a nice symmetrical look for your double doors
  • Twin handle shootbolts that are easier for your customers to operate than locks with finger bolts
  • No need for a dummy mullion, dramatically improving sightlines
  • Suitable for use with 1800 – 2300mm high doors (can be fitted to taller doors with a lock extension)
  • 5mm tolerance gap between hook return and keep plate to allow for door shrinkage
  • Tapered hook bolts enable easy locking operation even with high gasket compression
  • Highly secure locking system with hooks from master door into slave door, and shootbolts into the head and cill
  • Doors can be machined quicker using the Klone Rebate Block from Whitehill Tooling

Delivering Proven Performance

We’ve teamed up with MACO to deliver you a hardware solution that benefits from its proven TRICOAT protective surface coating <–>(Click here to visit our MACO TRICOAT Hardware page):

Specialists in their field they have spent many years perfecting the MACO TRICOAT protective surface coating. This enables your hardware to stand up to corrosion from both acidic timber, saline environments, polluted city air or the dust and high vapour content found in a new build project.

The lock gearboxes are typically a difficult part of the lock to protect due to the multiple moving parts. New technology has been used to create the innovative VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) sleeves protecting the lock gearboxes, which cannot be coated, from corrosion.

All of which means you no longer need to worry about expensive visits back to site to replace corroded and failing door locks and resolve unhappy customers.

Why Wait?

For the ultimate multipoint door locks for your double door sets fit the MACO TRICOAT Klone Double Door Lock and give your customers peace of mind with a 10 Year Hardware Guarantee even in acidic timber.

You can click here to find out more about the MACO TRICOAT Klone Double Door Lock options.

Avoid hardware corrosion issues, provide customer peace of mind and make your double doors stand out from your competition’s. Contact us now on [email protected] or 01726 871 025 to discuss how we can help you.

Make it easy for your customer to choose their door and window hardware

4th June 2019

Give customers the opportunity to see and feel fantastic hardware options when they are buying their doors and windows from you and you will increase your sales successes.

Simplifying the hardware selection process for your customers is a proven sales method and makes it easier for your customers to buy more from you.

Simplifying your customers’ door and window hardware selection process

Achieving this has never been easier thanks to our hardware product display boards. The perfect way to add impact to your showroom, the display boards showcase the different styles of door and window hardware – whether classic, traditional antique or more contemporary – available to your customers – in the heart of your showroom.

Give Your Customers a First Hand Hardware Experience

Feedback from companies already using our hardware product display boards has proven their value. “Once you enable your customers to see a specific range, and touch and feel the hardware for themselves, they are quickly able to make their decision and confirm their order.”

Available in two sizes the display boards come with wall mounting brackets. You can even personalise the graphics on the boards to reflect the corporate brand and style of your showroom. Costs are:

Small display boards - 600mm W x 850mm H – £102

Large display boards - 875mm W x 1600mm H – £205

Your Display Board's Hardware – Supplied With a Generous Discount

To enable you to personalise your showroom display boards further, you have the flexibility to choose from the wide range of hardware solutions available. Our expert team will discuss with you which hardware products – including door handles, pull handles and window handles through to sliding door handles, door furniture and our suited door hardware ranges – best suit your doors and windows.

The door and window hardware selections are then supplied at a generous 60% discount and fitted to the boards at no extra charge, delivered fully fitted and ready to show. Lead-time for the boards is approximately 4 – 5 weeks.

As a bonus, we’ll print and send you free of charge any of these suited hardware range A3 posters to support the display boards. We’ll also send you a pdf of the poster, which you can email out with your quotes.

Suited Hardware Display Posters

Don’t miss out on this simple, proven and successful way to increase your sales.

To find out more call the team on 01726 871 025 or email [email protected]