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Wouldn’t you like an easy way to achieve a Heritage style door but with a more secure multipoint door lock?

30th July 2019

Have you been avoiding switching over to fit a multipoint locking system on Heritage style timber doors?

Was it because your customers kept locking themselves out? Or was it because you found it a challenge between getting the compression right versus a smooth key operation?

Maybe you reverted back to the old rim style night latch and deadlock? This typically spoils the operation of the door and isn’t popular with homeowners. Homeowners don’t like the hassle of 2 separate locking points every time they want to fully engage the door.

We have a proven solution for you which is a simple, fool-proof and cost-effective way you can achieve a heritage look for your door but with an up-to-date, secure multipoint locking system.

View the video below and see how you can achieve this for yourself. To request your Drawing Pack complete the form below the video.

The ML130 Key Operated Multipoint Locking System with convenient Day Latch function brings you many benefits:

  • Mechanical key-wind locking system to lock/unlock door which only requires a low operating force. This reduces pressure required on the key as the twin tapered deadbolts provide gradual compression as they’re wound in.
  • Perfect compression is created by the twin tapered deadbolts providing excellent weather sealing whilst allowing for movement of the timber.
  • As with most Winkhaus locks the ML130 has been tested to PAS24 and is approved by the Police ‘Secured by Design’ Security Initiative.
  • Enables you to create a Heritage look with the cylinder still located traditionally at chest height.
  • Extremely secure 5-point locking system which only requires 1 key to operate.
  • Versatile locking system which can either be used with a cylinder pull and centre door knob if want to achieve a heritage look, or with an escutcheon and door pull handle if a more contemporary style required.

The additional Daytime Latch Keep function is a bit of a ‘dream come true’ for homeowners:

  • In day latch mode you no longer have to worry about locking yourself out
  • Ideal for when bringing the shopping in
  • Traditional day latches have meant the door still swings in the breeze, but not with this design – the latch holds the door and only opens it when pushed or pulled.

Although these multipoint door locks are available in 45 or 55mm backset options, we recommend 55mm. A 55mm backset lock moves the cylinder further away from the door frame and makes it easier for the homeowner to operate the key.

Provide your customers with a multipoint locking system they want and which makes your doors more popular through better performance.

Don’t miss out on sales opportunities - To request your lock drawing/routing prep pack or for help to introduce this lock into your door offering just complete the form below and our team of joinery specialists will soon be in touch with you.

ML130 Heritage Multipoint Door Lock

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Like help with your Lift & Slide Door Systems?

16th July 2019

With the increasing popularity of large sliding doors more and more joinery manufacturers are looking at our HS Portal SCV Lift and Slide Door System.

Joiners want a sliding door system which is quicker and easier to manufacture, and homeowners want a sliding door system which maximises the views.

We’ve listened to feedback from our customers and created a solution for you with the best Lift and Slide Door System combined with the best technical support available on the market today.

As a bonus we’re also offering you a free live video tutorial call with one of our Technical Team. We’ll go over any questions or queries you may have and show you the ‘how to’s’ using our sample system here. To book your FREE live video call, scroll down and complete the form below.

Joiners that have used the HS Portal SCV are testifying that:

“Wasn’t just the quality of the hardware. Because of the sheer size of the system we simply couldn’t afford to get anything wrong. The technical support we received made the job a lot smoother than it might have been.”

“Combines excellent hardware technology with the beauty of timber and as a result clients love it.”

“A lot smoother than other systems we’ve used in the past”

“Our client’s house is located right on the coast and happy to say during recent storms, with waves battering his house, that the HS Portal SCV stood up to the terrible weather and didn’t leak in any water”

The HS Portal features:

  • Slimmer profile concealing the hardware and maximising glazing
  • Increased security including flush plate keeps and night vent
  • Up to 400kg door leaf weight capacity with soft close option

Worried about machining the HS Portal Lift & Slide Door System?

HS Portal Tooling BlockWe’ve teamed up with Whitehill Spindle Tools and invested in a tooling set which you can hire. This toolset enables you to machine in a single pass with a constant height and fence setting.

The same toolset machines all three profiles. Transform your Lift & Slide Door manufacturing into an easy, efficient and accurate process with this tooling block.

We’re here to make it easy for you. To book you FREE live video call or for more information on the tooling set hire, complete the form below and we will be in touch with you:



Or discuss your project with us directly on 01726 871 025 or [email protected]

Don’t let other joinery manufacturers make a better sliding sash window than yours

1st July 2019

With the resurgence in popularity of sliding sash windows combined with a more discerning homeowner, joinery manufacturers are relooking at their manufacturing process and the overall performance of their sliding sash windows.

Typically wooden sliding sash windows have been time consuming to make and have provided poor energy performance. Homeowners were often complaining about how draughty their windows were and the problem of sashes sticking when they tried to open or close them.

The biggest cause of these sliding sash issues is often the type of weatherseal used when manufacturing your windows. The common brush type seals used on sliding sashes bring with them many problems such as getting clogged up with paint, preventing smooth operation, plus they require an extra time-consuming grooving processes during manufacture. Over time, the brushes often become worn causing the windows to rattle and let in draughts. This reduces the performance and lifetime of the sliding sash window and often results in expensive site callbacks.

You will be glad to know we have a quick and easy proven solution for you.

Fit the SP5920 Sliding Sash Flipper Seal from Deventer to prevent these issues and help you make a better performing traditional sliding sash window:

  • It removes a machining process, providing a 2-in-1 sealing action on the front and side of the rail
  • Is made from an anti-friction TPE material with no brushes to wear, so providing a longer-lasting smoother operation
  • It increases the energy and weather performance, and acoustic properties, of your sliding sash window

Try this seal for yourself – request your sample pack by completing the form below

SP5920 Sliding Sash Flipper Seal
Durodeen composite glazing beads

You can further speed up your manufacturing process and improve the longevity of your traditional sliding sash windows with our new Durodeen composite Staff Beads, Parting Beads and Glazing Beads:

  • Pre-machined for faster production and excellent paint adherence
  • Doesn’t rot, helping your window last longer
  • Dimensionally stable, reducing site callbacks

Don’t lose out – join with other joinery manufacturers who are using the SP5920 sliding sash flipper seal and Durodeen Beading to make better traditional sliding sash windows.

This could be you:

Can I start by saying how pleased and impressed we are with the sliding sash gasket system. We have been looking for something like this for years.

It is completely versatile between our new manufactured windows and renovation on site.

We changed to the SP5920 Rubber Seal because it is an all-in-one rubber seal that seals the side of the box helping the sashes slide easier, also there is no need to put fur in the front face plates, parting or staff bead which has made a difference to us with labour costs.

Although the rubber seal is more expensive than fur, the savings made with the labour content make it cheaper but more importantly it is a better job.

Using a tooling block to machine your windows? As part of our Tool Assist program we’ve made it easy for you by working with a number of tooling companies to produce a tooling block for machining your sliding sash windows using the SP5920 seal. For more information just tick the box as part of the form below.

Request a sample pack and see for yourself how your sliding sash windows could benefit – simply complete the form below and click submit