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How to achieve the correct compression for your doors and windows

23rd October 2019

Is trying to achieve the correct compression on your doors and windows causing you problems and frequent site call backs? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we have a solution for you – request your FREE sample pack below.

Too much compression on your doors or windows can cause the handle and locking mechanism to break and fail. Too little compression can result in wind, water and noise ingress and a call back to site to sort the issue!

This is often down to the weatherseal used. Foam filled seals require high compression to seal around your door and window, making it difficult to get the balance right and the seal to perform correctly. They can make your doors and windows very difficult to lock and unlock. Foam seals can also cause your door to bow out at the top and bottom when only closed on the latch due to the pressure of the foam.

Our range of Deventer weatherseals have been specially designed so you only need low compression to provide optimum weathersealing. They give you the best protection against wind, water and noise ingress.

Deventer weatherseals allow your locking mechanism to locate easier into the keep than foam filled gasket because of the softer compression. This gives a perfect, positive feel when closing your door and window and maintains a perfect compression the whole way up your door without it bowing out at the top and bottom.

Their unique design of closed cell micro foam, combined with a hollow chamber, ensures your doors and windows are very easy to close whilst providing a very effective weatherseal.

The Deventer weatherseal range now also features a rigid back and adjustable foot making it very easy for you to install.

Improve the performance of your doors and windows and reduce your site call backs by fitting our range of Deventer weatherseal.

Request your FREE Sample Weatherseal Pack and see how they sort your compression issues for yourself by filling in the form below:

Or contact us today to discuss your weatherseal requirements for your doors and windows on [email protected] or 01726 871 025.

Is beading breakout wasting your time and money?

8th October 2019

Is beading breakout wasting your time and money? We’ve a beading solution to help you save time and money when manufacturing your doors and windows.

Durodeen beading profiles will prevent wastage, speed up your production processes and ensure your windows and doors perform better for longer.

View the video below to see how Durodeen beading saves you time and money, and remember to request your free sample pack using the form below:

Typical issues found using timber and other composite beads:

  • Timber is very fiddly, dangerous and time consuming to machine
  • Timber often breaks out during end scribing
  • Timber can cup at end of planer rendering beading useless
  • Timber can be inconsistent and often has knots which isn’t discovered until it’s too late
  • Timber beads, cills and drips are often the first thing to rot
  • Other composite beads have a hollow core making them useless for end scribing

We’ve listened to these issues and solved them with Durodeen. As James from Medina Joinery says:

Durodeen has saved us a lot of time and money as well. All in all, it’s been a great success and we’ll continue to use it.

Using Durodeen Beads brings you many benefits:

  • Bead can be pulled off the rack, cut to length and scribed on the tenoner without needing a spelch piece to prevent tear out.
  • Avoids risk of inconsistency in bead profile and knot holes that are often discovered too late in the production process
  • Premachined rather than extruded for faster production, excellent paint adherence and finish
  • Doesn’t absorb moisture therefore it doesn’t rot, helping your windows and doors last longer
  • Has a solid core for enhanced scribing detail
  • It doesn’t breakout and splinter
  • Is dimensionally stable and comes with a Lifetime guarantee
  • Dust can be extracted through usual wood dust extraction system
  • Can be pinned or taped
  • Can be recycled

You can also have you own bespoke profiles at no extra tooling cost as long as profile radius is 3mm or greater (volume dependant)

Request your free Durodeen sample pack by completing the form below:

Contact us today to discuss your beads and bars profile requirements for your doors and windows on [email protected] or 01726 871 025.

You can view our current range of Durodeen Profiles by clicking here.

With thanks to James of Medina Joinery for his time and feedback of using Durodeen beading profiles.

Helping you differentiate your door range for 2020

1st October 2019

With 2020 fast approaching what will you do to differentiate your doors, stand out from the competition, and help increase your sales?

Are you working on new door styles? Going to introduce new colours? What about your door hardware?

The hardware you ‘dress’ your door with can have a huge impact on how successful your doors are. A few small tweaks to your hardware can often result in a big increase to your sales.

Let us help you differentiate your door range for 2020. Send us a CAD file of your doors and our Product Innovation Team will use their experience to ‘dress your door to win’.

We’ll create a render of your door, free for you, with suggested hardware that will help set your doors apart from your competition. They’ll catch the eye of your customer and help you drive your sales success for 2020.

Whether you’re introducing new heritage door or new contemporary door styles to your range, our blu™ and DuraTique™ innovative new stainless steel or antique hardware have something to make your doors look their best.

To receive your suggested door renders, dressed with a difference, just complete the form below and click submit. We look forward to being in touch soon to help you make 2020 a Year of Success.


Or you can contact our team to discuss your requirements on [email protected] or 01726 871 025.