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How consumer demand and architectural trends are shaping the door and window market

25th November 2019

It’s often difficult to free our time to rise above the day-to-day to look at what’s driving the market, and where we should steer our business to capture this demand to maximise growth opportunities.  What are the current trends and what are the likely drivers that will shape the future door and window market?

Loren Jenner, our MD, discusses what’s hot in the door and window market and what’s likely to be around the corner.

It’s been an interesting 18 months with some key trends clearly apparent. Most significantly we’ve seen increased demand in the aluminium sector, an increasing comeback for natural wood, a marked growth in PVC manufacturers offering ‘Timber-esque’ products and the ongoing shift from bi-folds to larger sliding patio door systems. We’ve also seen a marked increase in demand for flush casement windows.

The growing popularity of ‘home improvement’ and self-build’ programs has fuelled a design trend for maximising available natural light and wide-span openings seamlessly connecting inside and out. This has led to an increasing need for larger sashes and slimline profiles. These programs have also meant homeowners are much more aware of hardware options available which look, feel and perform better. Sustainability and longevity have become much more of a priority with homeowners, even down to their hardware choices which has led on to a marked increase in demand for our high performance blu™ hardware and DuraTique™ Antique Stainless Steel hardware. blu™ hardware is made from high quality 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, built to last and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Our DuraTique™ Antique hardware range is made from stainless steel with a specialist antique top coat, won’t rust and comes with a 25 Year Guarantee.

What has also been evident, from talking to fabricators, is that in an increasingly competitive marketplace they’re having to work harder to differentiate their product ranges and are seeing their hardware offering as a way to help achieve that. Below are some suggestions of how you can achieve this differentiation, or you can contact us on 01726 871 025 or [email protected] to discuss how we can help you.

The Architectural and Design Impact on Doors and Windows

Aesthetics are certainly higher on the agenda with architects looking in much greater detail at the hardware specifications for their clients’ projects – particularly where there are likely to be key environmental impacts such as corrosion on property in coastal areas, around the swimming pool or even in busy city environments.

Within the Self-build sector, the look and finish of door and window design is certainly driving demand for higher quality and better performing hardware. We’re now seeing this trend develop in the property refurbishment market where the homeowner is becoming more discerning in their choices and taking more of a lead in door and window specification.

What’s Happening with Traditional Styles of Doors and Windows?

Traditional heritage style windows and heritage doors remain in high demand, especially within the refurbishment sector. What we’ve seen is a noticeable shift change from both homeowners and fabricators who are increasingly fed up with poor performing hardware, which is still, in many instances, fitted as standard to these traditional styles. As a solution to this, we’ve developed and extended our Opera and Regent handle ranges in the blu™ range. We’ve also introduced the new DuraTique™ range - Antique Stainless Steel hardware which doesn’t rust - in response to this market demand.

Future Trends in the Door and Window Market

The ‘Timber-Look’ and ‘Flush Casement’ window market is one we fully anticipate increasing markedly. From a hardware perspective that means the uPVC handle designs traditionally fitted to uPVC windows won’t suit. Manufacturers will need to reconsider their window handle offering to better match the style and quality of this style of window. So greater choice is going to be important and this is an area we’ve been working on - enabling manufacturers to offer customers a greater choice of quality window handles than what they’ve offered traditionally.

We also expect demand for larger sash patio sliding doors to grow. This will in turn impact the hardware market because traditional patio handles are neither designed to cope with these larger, heavier door leaves nor are they designed to suit the minimalist style of the door.

At blu™ we've developed a new range of solid stainless steel sliding door handles specifically to suit they style and weight of these larger, minimalist style, Patio Straight Sliding Doors and Lift and Slide Doors.

The Importance of Differentiation in an Increasingly Competitive Market

From talking to manufacturers and fabricators, they’re certainly finding it increasingly challenging to differentiate themselves and we’re working with many to help them use hardware as a key differentiating driver. The look and feel of doors and windows will become increasingly important for customers and from a human interaction perspective, hardware will be a more important factor in the decision-making process.

As an example, we place a real emphasis on our extra finishing process during manufacture of blu™ hardware, giving a noticeable quality feel. Combine that with the use of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel as standard, and manufacturers can offer customers, aesthetically pleasing durable, corrosion-resistant hardware in a number of different finish options.

And as increasing competition squeezes margins, manufacturers and fabricators are being forced to find ways to reduce their costs. With labour being a big percentage of overhead, site callbacks and other product failures can be a huge contributor to costs. This will, we feel, increase demand for hardware with exceptional performance and guarantees such as the Lifetime Guarantees which comes as standard across the blu™ hardware range, and the 25 Year Guarantee on the completely unique DuraTique™ range of Antique Stainless Steel hardware.

It’s these definable, real value-added features, which we feel customers will increasingly make their purchasing decisions on.

Don’t lose out by not being prepared.

For more information on how we can help you differentiate to maximise these trends and grow your door and window business throughout 2020 contact us on 01726 871 025 or [email protected]. We’re keen to work with you.

Suited Bronze Hardware Creates Stunning Door and Window Range

18th November 2019

Are you looking for that something special for your doors and windows, something to set your doors and windows apart from the crowd, something which will make your doors and windows look stunning?

You need to try our new bronze range of suited door and window hardware. Based on feedback from our customers that they wanted a range of hardware which made their doors and windows look stunning, we created three new bronze finishes from our blu™ and DuraTique™ hardware ranges. And it’s working, with great feedback from door and window manufacturers on how this bronze range is really grabbing their client’s attention, and homeowners are loving it.

The blu™ and DuraTique™ hardware ranges are all made from stainless steel with a bronze finish applied so not only does the range look stunning, they’re all made to perform as well as they look.

Avoid rust and corrosion issues by fitting blu™ and DuraTique™ hardware to your doors and windows.

Provide peace of mind to your customer with a Lifetime Guarantee on blu™ Hardware products and a 25 Year Guarantee on DuraTique™ Hardware products.

You can choose from Oil Rubbed Bronze in our blu™ hardware ranges and from Textured Autumn Bronze or Textured Dark Bronze in our DuraTique™ hardware ranges.

blu™ hardware ranges available in Oil Rubbed Bronze:

DuraTique™ hardware ranges available in Textured Autumn Bronze or Textured Dark Bronze Bronze:

To view samples of these Bronze door and window hardware ranges and see how stunning they make your doors and windows look contact your area rep on [email protected] or 01726 871 025.

Your biggest range of suited cylinder pulls available from stock

12th November 2019

Often it’s the little things which can make the biggest impact. Maybe you spend a lot of time and money getting the style and finish right on your door only to let it down with a poor-quality cylinder pull.

The cylinder pull may be the only part of your door which your customer touches – what does your cylinder pull convey about your door?

Are your cylinder pulls rusting and corroding and ruining the look of your door? Do your cylinder pulls bend every time your customer closes their door, giving a poor quality impression?

With our newly extended range of cylinder pulls you can now choose, not only from traditional or contemporary styles and finishes to match your door, but also from versions such as back to back cylinder pulls, security cylinder pulls, narrow profile cylinder pulls and so on.

Keep your doors looking good for years to come. To prevent corrosion, our blu and DuraTique cylinder pulls are all made from high quality stainless steel. You can feel the quality as soon as you touch them.

You can offer your customer peace of mind when choosing blu and DuraTique with a Lifetime Guarantee on all blu hardware and a 25-year guarantee on all DuraTique hardware. Plus the cylinder pulls are part of our suited hardware range to give a consistent look across your door.

Worried about keeping your production running smoothly? Our core cylinder pull range is available from stock on a next day delivery service (UK mainland).

View the range of cylinder pulls below:

Back to Back Contemporary Style Cylinder Pulls – CP50 and CP53

Click on this link to view the CP50 blu range shown below:

Satin Stainless Steel (SSS)

Polished Stainless Steel (PSS)

PVD Stainless Brass (PPB)


Click on this link to view the CP50 DuraTique range shown below:

Textured Matt Black (TMB)

Textured Pewter (TPW)

Textured Autumn Bronze (TAB)

Textured Dark Bronze (TDB)

Back to Back Traditional Cylinder Pulls – CP30

Click on this link to view the CP30 blu range shown below:

Satin Stainless Steel (SSS)

Polished Stainless Steel (PSS)

PVD Stainless Brass (PPB)

Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB)

Matt Smooth Black (MSB)

Click on this link to view the CP30 DuraTique range shown below:

Textured Matt Black (TMB)

Textured Pewter (TPW)

Textured Autumn Bronze (TAB)

Textured Dark Bronze (TDB)

Security Cylinder Pulls and Narrow Profile Cylinder Pulls – SE40 and CP80

Click on this link to view the SE40 Narrow Profile Security Escutcheon and Cylinder Pull range shown below:





Click on this link to view the CP80 Security Escutcheon and Cylinder Pull range shown below:

Satin Stainless Steel (SSS)

Satin Stainless Steel (SSS)

Contact us on [email protected] or 01726 871 025 to view samples of the range or to discuss how our cylinder pull range can make your doors look their best.


Traditional Style Cylinder Pull Which Doesn’t Rust – The New CP30 Cylinder Pull

4th November 2019

Are rusting cylinder pulls ruining your heritage style doors?

Look no further than our new CP30 Traditional Back to Back Cylinder Pull.

Fit the new CP30 Cylinder Pull to your doors for guaranteed durability, long-life performance, consistent quality and lifetime value. Like to try one and see for yourself how good these cylinder pulls are? Scroll down for your special sample discount code.

The CP30 Cylinder Pull brings you many benefits including:

  • Made from 316 Stainless Steel to prevent rust and corrosion
  • One-piece pressed stainless steel cylinder pull design for strength
  • Bolt-through fixings from the inside to prevent removal from the outside
  • Suitable for up to 60mm thick doors with standard fixing kit or for thicker doors with fixing extension kit
  • Lifetime Guarantee on blu™ finishes and 25 Year Guarantee on DuraTique™ finishes
  • Available in 9 stunning finishes to suit traditional heritage or contemporary style doors:


The CP30 Cylinder Pull – providing you and your customer with peace of mind and keeping your door looking stunning and performing as it should for years to come.

Available as part of our suited door hardware range including:

Order a sample of this new CP30 Traditional Cylinder Pull at a special 50% discount and see how good this corrosion resistant hardware is for yourself.

Contact us today on [email protected] or 01726 871 025 and quote TRY-CP30 to take advantage of this promotional offer.