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How to reduce stock levels and improve the cash flow in your business without losing sales

3rd December 2019

With doors and windows made up of many components, and different finishes, juggling your stock levels so you have the right components to complete your project in time can be a challenge!

Too little stock can mean you losing the order, or not being able to deliver your finished doors and windows in time. Too much stock can drastically restrict your profits and use up a lot of the cash flow in your business.

Good stock management will reduce excess stock levels and improve the cash flow in your business, whilst maintaining the availability of your doors and windows to prevent you from losing sales.

Sound good? Let’s look at a way you can easily achieve this.

It may not be as difficult as it sounds. Have you ever considered standardising on black as the finish for your door thresholds, door and window weatherseal and glazing tape? We’ve been trialling with some customers using black as the standard finish for their door thresholds, their door and window weathersealing, and their glazing tape. And it’s proving to be a winner.

Black is increasingly popular and suits most styles of doors and windows, providing a very nice shadow line around them. By fitting black as standard for your threshold, weathersealing and glazing tape it saves you having to hold stock of all these components in multiple finishes – e.g. thresholds in silver, gold and black, or weatherseal in black, brown and white, or glazing tape in black and white!

Try it for yourself and see not only how good these black components look, but how much they will simplify your stock control and improve your cash flow.

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