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Is a skilled labour shortage holding you back from fulfilling quotes?

18th March 2020

Durodeen Beading - Your silent skilled joiner

Producing lots of quotes? Wondering how you’ll cope if you win the majority of these projects?

One way we can help you is by removing the need to machine a very labour-intensive part of your door or window – the beading.

With the shortage of skilled labour a challenge for many joinery firms, why not take this opportunity to get your beading consistent, more durable and available straight off the shelf. Complete the call request form below and our in-house Durodeen beading specialist will be in touch to discuss.

Durodeen pre-machined beading:

  • Stays consistent from batch to batch
  • Doesn’t warp, distort or rot
  • Is available in your own bespoke profile


Durodeen also provides a high quality paint finish – see our latest Paint Test report by Remmers. The results are in (with and without primer) and they’re worth celebrating. Click here to view the report.

Feedback from Remmers on their Durodeen paint test:

  • "It’s as solid as a rock. That paint is stuck on there and we painted it in the worst conditions, the wrong temperature, speed dried and basically simulated the worst environment possible but have still got this great result."


Still unsure? Read how other joinery companies are benefitting from using Durodeen beading:

  • "Since we took the decision to switch four of our beading profiles over to Durodeen we often find ourselves saying 'How would we cope without this now?' The simple task for the sprayer to take the beading off the shelf cut it to approx. length and spray prior to windows being actually finished is a massive win for us and saves us a lot of time." Joinery Company - Yorkshire.


  • "We use it with great effect on curved windows. We recently managed to gain a greater curve by putting it into our steamer then quickly placing it on the window and it retains the curved shape." Joinery Company – Devon.


  • "We’ve been very impressed with the Durodeen glazing bead provided by Coastal. Further, the holistic solution that includes secret nailed glazing beads and dry glazing is very impressive and has elevated the quality of our product to the benefit of our clients." Joinery Company – London.


  • "Durodeen saves us time, is safer to use than machining your own beading, and doesn’t breakout. No knots, no splitting, no cupping. Machines very well." Joinery Company – Hampshire.



Don’t miss out. It's a win, win, win for you – Durodeen saves you time, saves you money, and helps resolve your issue of skilled labour shortage. Durodeen – your 'silent joiner'.

If you’d like to discuss more how Durodeen can benefit you, complete the Call Request and Sample Pack Form below and our in-house Durodeen Beading Specialist will be in touch to discuss.

Or contact us today to discuss your beads and bars profile requirements for your doors and windows on [email protected] or 01726 871 025.

You can view our current range of Durodeen Beading Profiles by clicking here.