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Research and Development Tax Relief for Door and Window Manufacturers - Webinar Resources

20th July 2020

Webinar Registration - How you could benefit from valuable Tax Relief for Research and Development

Research and Development Tax Relief - could you be missing out?

Research and Development tax relief is an extremely generous incentive from the UK Government which many door and window manufacturers are still missing out on - are you? Coastal Group hosted a webinar along with PKF Francis Clark Tax Consultancy to help door and window manufacturers find out. Listen to the recording below and see if you qualify for Research and Development Tax Relief.

It enables you to invest a greater proportion of your profits into such things as hiring new staff or investing in new machinery.

The scope of what is covered under R&D may be broader than you may think. If you answer yes to any of the following questions you may qualify for this tax relief:

  • Do you manufacture anything?
  • Do you carry out design work?
  • Have you experimented with new equipment or production techniques?
  • Have you reduced waste from your processes or reused it in a novel way?

Download your Research and Development Tax Relief Webinar Resources from the links below:

View the Research and Development Tax Relief Webinar Recording below:

One area referred to in the webinar that you may be able to receive tax relief for is if you're working on achieving Part Q certification for your doors or windows. If you would like help with Part Q approvals for Door and Windows then visit the Part Q section of our website to see how we can help - Coastal's Document Q Approval Scheme - making Part Q Certification easy for you.

We're here to advise, assist, and answer your questions relating to door and window manufacturing. If there is anything else we can assist you with, including your door and window hardware requirements, please contact us today on [email protected] or 01726 871 025 where our team of experts are ready to help.

With thanks to PKF Francis Clark