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Research and Development Tax Relief for Door and Window Manufacturers - Webinar Resources

Webinar Registration - How you could benefit from valuable Tax Relief for Research and Development

Research and Development Tax Relief - could you be missing out?

Research and Development tax relief is an extremely generous incentive from the UK Government which many door and window manufacturers are still missing out on - are you? Coastal Group hosted a webinar along with PKF Francis Clark Tax Consultancy to help door and window manufacturers find out. Listen to the recording below and see if you qualify for Research and Development Tax Relief.


Webinar Resources - How Durodeen Can Help You Manufacture Doors and Windows with Less Staff

Webinar Resource Pack Download - How Durodeen Can Help You Manufacture Doors and Windows with Less Staff Blog Header

Machining timber beading for your timber doors and windows driving you mad? We have the solution for you.

Many joinery firms are currently finding it a challenge to fulfil orders in time due to their shortage of skilled staff in their workshop. Added to this is the time it takes, and the hassle it causes, to machine timber beading

Listen to this webinar recording and download your resources from the links below to find out how we can not only quickly and easily help you to not only speed up your timber door and window production times, but also help to improve their performance.

Hear how other joinery companies have benefited.

Click on the 3 dots below to view the webinar recording and download your resources:


See the difference your window handle can make

BLU Window Espagnolette Handles

There’s no doubt that flush casement windows with timber look joints are disrupting the industry and becoming an increasingly popular choice with customers.

So the last thing you want is to get left behind or overlooked by fitting the usual cheap, typical PVC window handles. And when it comes to flush casement window aesthetics, the type of handles you fit can make a massive difference.

See the Difference that Quality Window Handles Make

To show you just what a difference they make, and how easy it is to add value to your windows by upgrading the handles, we’ve shot a short video below.

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Case Study: Should I choose Zinc or Stainless Steel Handles?

Zinc handles have been fitted for years to patio doors, with manufacturers thinking that zinc doesn’t corrode.

However an increasing number of door manufacturers and indeed homeowners are now coming to us asking why their zinc handles are corroding, as you can see in our case study video.

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Letter Plate with Enhanced Weather and Security Protection

Following customer complaints of leaking letter plates which flapped in the wind and provided no protection against intruders, our Technical team have designed the blu™ LP400 316 Stainless Steel Letter Plate.

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Providing Performance, Durability and Peace of Mind

Award winning joinery firm Gowercroft is giving its customers 10 years product guarantee on all its windows and doors after turning to Coastal Group and its Tricoat hardware system.

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Tempo by DEVENTER - A high performance seal of approval

Deventer weather seals

Why compare the performance of your weatherseal?

It's a fact that high quality weatherseal performance can make a big difference, providing excellent protection from all the elements – wind, water, smoke, fire and sound. And with our Tempo Weatherseal solutions from DEVENTER you can enjoy great results:

Click on the link below for more info on the benefits of our Tempo Weatherseal by DEVENTER:


Jump the Q with Coastal

Jump the Q

It’s been 18 months since we first launched our Part Q initiative helping the door and window industry meet new Building Regulations and in that time have helped joinery firms across England meet the PAS24 standards.

Our Part Q initiative - has been designed to take the pressure away from joinery firms and has helped scores of them offer their customers a range of PAS24 compliant doors and windows without the huge time and financial burdens.

It’s not just us talking about the benefits of our Part Q initiative. Iain McIlwee of the British Woodworking Federation writes:

Part Q Quote
“ The team at Coastal Group are to be applauded for taking such a proactive approach to helping our small and medium sized joinery companies meet their Part Q responsibilities. Part Q created a unique challenge for the timber door and window manufacturing sector, but through prescriptive methods of compliance that the BWF has developed and companies such as Coastal rallying to provide cascadable test evidence, it has not been as disruptive as it could have been.”

PartQ testing strip

Click on the link below for more info on how we can help you with Part Q:


Coastal Living - Meeting the challenge of corrosive environments

Meeting the challenge of corrosive environments

We are often asked to provide advice on the most effective hardware options to go for when installing window and door systems on coastal properties.

Many in the trade are already aware of the corrosion issues arising in coastal properties. The exposure to high levels of aggressive, corrosive salt air attacks non-specialist hardware leaving it rusted, pitted and corroded in a matter of months. The result – unhappy customers and time lost revisiting properties to put right or replace the corroded hardware. But for Coastal customers this is no longer an issue thanks to the blu™ range of specialist 316 Marine Grade stainless steel which boasts a lifetime guarantee.

The blu™ range – now the UK’s largest range of 316 Marine Grade stainless steel hardware - combines high levels of style with market leading performance.

So if you are looking for high performance hardware solutions built to withstand the harshest environments here are a few solutions from the blu™ range:

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Trade warming to GLACE with NEW products set to expand the range further

Glace window fittings

Thanks to the latest window manufacturing techniques, more and more people across the UK are opting for traditional window styles in both the new build and refurbishment sectors.

By mixing the very best of traditional designs, including sash windows with their classic styling, with all the performance of high specification, modern timber windows, increasing numbers are now opting for and enjoying the very best of both worlds.

Here at Coastal we have seen this popularity reflected in the increasing demand for our Glace range of window fittings, which help create that perfect look, whilst using the latest manufacturing quality to ensure the very highest standards.

Such is the popularity of the range – which includes a fully suited set of fittings including Sash lifts and fasteners available in finishes including brass and satin and polished chrome – that we now extending it further.



Pera bulb end window handle - Glace

New additions which add to the range include the PERA handle, a bulb-shaped lockable, sprung action end window espagnolette, designed in a traditional style which will be available in four classic finishes. For more information on the new PERA Handle click here.

Finish options will also be upgraded across the Glace range in 2017 with the addition of an oil rubbed bronze finish.

Quality is paramount across the Glace range with fixing holes jigged and checked during manufacture to ensure consistent fitting centres enabling the modern joiner to set up CNC drilling and positioning.

“Glace is an increasingly popular product for our customers who love the fact that, inline with the growing popularity and demand for traditional styles, they can access a range of hardware that enjoys the best manufacturing standards with the classic design, style and attention to detail their customers want.



“We are delighted to be expanding the range further giving our customers event greater options for both finishes and also with the addition of the PERA handle,” said Coastal MD Loren Jenner.



To discuss the Glace range with one of the team call Coastal on 01726 871 726 or email [email protected]


Growing Demand for Timber Sees Traditional Timber Windows Select Coastal Group



TTW1A family run Lincolnshire business specialising in the manufacture of bespoke timber windows and doors is matching the quality of its products with high specification hardware from Coastal Group.

The philosophy at Traditional Timber Windows is that every property is unique. As a result, every product the company makes is tailor made to suit the customers’ specific needs.


“Everything we produce is hand crafted in our workshop’s here in Lincolnshire, manufactured from the finest grade sustainably sourced materials to ensure a level of fit and finish we provide is unsurpassed,” says company MD Shaun Kempster.

Offering a wide range of products in both traditional and contemporary styles, from box sashYorkshire sliding and casement windows and doors, including French, bi-fold, and sliding, Traditional Timber Windows wanted to source a hardware company that put as much emphasis on quality as it did and was introduced to Coastal Group.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of what we produce for our customers and offer a complete start to finish service from initial enquiry through to the final fitting of the doors and windows, providing total peace of mind and a level of service that we believe is second to none,” said company MD Shaun Kempster.



“We were looking for a hardware supplier that had the same approach to service as we do and were introduced to Coastal Group by one of our timber suppliers. Not only do they provide a wide range of high quality products, but they are willing to go the extra mile and put a real emphasis on customer support and service. 

“We have been really pleased not just with the products and service from Coastal Group, but also the level of technical knowledge available to us when we need it.  To have a team that is highly knowledgeable and on hand to deal with any queries or questions we have is a real benefit. And because the range of windows and doors we produce can differ significantly from job to job, the breadth of hardware they have means we are able to find the best solution to every customer requirement,” added Shaun.



Market Assist from Coastal provides joiners with vital support

Marketing Assist Programme

Door and window hardware specialist Coastal Group is providing joinery firms across the UK with a vital sales tool to help them market their services and product offerings more professionally to their customers.

Its unique Market Assist Programme is designed to enable joinery firms to market themselves more effectively by using the free marketing support service from Coastal’s marketing department, creating tailored materials for them.

Thanks to the service, joinery firms are provided with their own professionally designed brochures that are branded with the joinery firms’ own logos, company details and contact numbers.

Products promoted in the brochure are varied and include bi-Fold doors, Tritus flush casement windows, and various window and door hardware applications.

Artwork is offered to Coastal customers without cost which in addition to the brochure, can also be incorporated in to their web and online marketing platforms.

Customer Support

“As our business has grown across the UK, one of the key differentiators for our customers and a major reason they keep working with us, is the focus we place on customer service – whether that’s technical support, advice giving, problem solving or after sales support.

Access to Professional Support

“Our Market Assist Programme is an extension of that, providing our customers who may not have access to design and marketing support, with a range of professional materials including their own branded catalogue to offer their customers, highlighting a wider range of products and services available to them,” said Coastal Managing Director Loren Jenner.

It’s a service that our customers have really warmed to and find the opportunity to take professionally created brochure and materials to share with customers is really making a positive difference,” added Loren.

For more information on the Market Assist programme contact Coastal Group on 01726 871726, email [email protected] or visit


Oxfordshire Joinery Firm Enjoys the Coastal Approach

Conifer Joinery enjoys Coastal Approach

With highly discerning customers refurbishing classical Oxfordshire properties, through to Oxford colleges and World Heritage Site Blenheim Palace, renowned joinery firm Conifer Joinery Ltd, prides itself on the quality of the bespoke timber products it creates.

From beautiful timber windows and doors, stairs and increasingly bespoke furniture, Conifer Joinery has developed a reputation for the quality of its work right across Oxfordshire.

With more people opting for timber windows and doors, company directors Colin Bowden and Philip Inwood were looking to supply their finished products with a range of hardware options to provide even greater value to their customers and found the solution with Coastal Group.

Today Coastal Group supplies Conifer with a range of window and door hardware but it is not just the quality of the products that appeals to Conifer, according to company director Philip.


“Many of our clients are working on projects that involve refurbishment and renovation works to large classical Oxford houses or historic properties, where quality is critical.

“Windows and doors are vital aspects of these projects and we wanted to ensure that we were supplying our products with excellent hardware that matched the timber windows and doors we were creating. Having met with one of the Coastal sales team, we liked the friendly, customer focused approach combined with range of products but above all else – their technical knowledge,” said Philip.



“It really makes a difference to work with a company that places such emphasis on customer support that can back that up from a technical perspective. There is always someone on hand when we need any help or support. If we wanted to fit a new type of lock on a door for example, Coastal will send us the technical drawings and back that up with any additional information they feel will be beneficial so that we can understand best installation practice before we even start,” he added.

According to Philip, backing up the technical knowledge through regular catch up calls, newsletters and new product updates means Conifer is also able to keep completely up to date with the latest development in the market.


“The team at Confier Joinery place a great emphasis on the quality of the work they produce so we are really pleased that the focus we put on technical knowledge and customer support is something they value,” said Wayne Jenner of Coastal Group.