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Don’t let other joinery manufacturers make a better sliding sash window than yours

With the resurgence in popularity of sliding sash windows combined with a more discerning homeowner, joinery manufacturers are relooking at their manufacturing process and the overall performance of their sliding sash windows.

Typically wooden sliding sash windows have been time consuming to make and have provided poor energy performance. Homeowners were often complaining about how draughty their windows were and the problem of sashes sticking when they tried to open or close them.

The biggest cause of these sliding sash issues is…

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Like to produce Double Doors which last longer?

​If you are working with acidic timber such as oak or Accoya you could well be facing issues with corroding locks that are holding you back from providing better customer guarantees for your double doors.

Or perhaps it’s the constant threat of corrosive air that’s affecting the performance of your door hardware, whether on the coast or in polluted city locations?

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What does your letter plate say about your door?

Does the letter plate you fit to your front door sets enhance and improve their look and performance?

Or do they let them down and put customers off buying them?

We believe our stunning range of letter plates can not only enhance how your door sets look but offer significant purchase appeal, giving you the edge over your customers.


We’ve created a...

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Create your Ultimate Contemporary Front Entrance Door with our Suited Door Hardware

Contemporary entrance doors can really help set the tone for a property. But they shouldn’t just be beautiful to look at, they should be beautiful to the touch too – both inside and out.

So when you’ve gone to the effort of manufacturing beautiful contemporary entrance doors, it makes total sense to fit them with equally beautiful hardware. Stainless steel door furniture including contemporary door handles your customers will love the look and feel of. Hardware that works together seamlessly and that is built to perform in the harshest environments.

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Save Time, Increase Quality and Say Goodbye to Pinholes

We know how important saving time is when it comes to window and door production processes. But what about saving time and increasing quality? Our new Dry Glazing System is designed to do just that.

Whilst there may be differing opinions in the trade about dry glazing, we have been working on a system here at Coastal that will bring measurable benefits to your window production processes.

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Fight Back Against Hardware Corrosion With The New Coastal Hardware Care and Maintenance Kit

Hardware corrosion is a big issue for both joinery firms and door and window manufacturers across the UK.

And if you are thinking corrosion is only really a problem for windows and doors in properties by the sea – you need to think again. That’s because over 80% of the UK is exposed to high atmospheric corrosion.

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Save time and manufacture excellence with the enhanced Tritus™ flush casement window system

As ideally suited to Retro-fit projects as they are in new builds, flush casement windows are an increasingly popular choice with homeowners across the UK.

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Increase Your Sales and Stand Out From the Crowd with blu™ hardware display boards

​Homeowners are becoming more discerning than ever before when it comes to the style of doors and windows they want. As a result, your showroom will often be the place where sales are potentially won or lost.

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LP400 LETTER PLATE – Outstanding Performance Delivering Best In Class Results

When it comes to taking everything that mother nature can throw at it – our recently enhanced LP400 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel sleeved letter plate is best in class – proven against the new BS EN Air Permeability, Water Tightness and Wind Resistance tests.

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A Better Way To Lock Your Door

You no longer need old style night latch and 5-lever mortice locks with multiple keys to achieve the heritage style look on your doors thanks to the launch of our enhanced Heritage Multipoint Locking Systems.

In fact, by using our Heritage Multipoint door locks you can not only get the look you are after, but combine that with the latest door lock technology to deliver vastly increased security and weather protection.

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TRICOAT – your ideal hardware for protection against corrosion

If you’ve ever had an issue with rusted and corroded locks and espag bolts then our revolutionary MACO TRICOAT range of door locks provide the perfect solution.

This fantastic range of door locks, window espagnolettes and Tilt & Turn systems have been specially developed to provide the ultimate in enhanced corrosion protection. Designed to be used in coastal locations, in areas of high pollution such as in large cities, in acidic timbers such as Accoya® and oak, and in buildings still undergoing construction phases with high dust or vapour content.

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The Best Selection of Multipoint Door Lock Systems at your Fingertips

As the UK’s leading specialist in multipoint door locking systems we’ve pulled together the best selection of locks available on the market today.

We’ve called on our 15 years of knowledge and experience with Multipoint Locking Systems to create a complete range, cherry picking the very best selection of locks available.

As part of that approach we’ve considered key elements such as simplified routering preparations and compression adjustment, in addition to the quality and security features of the locks.

And as the originator of the ‘Family of Locks’

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Rolkar - in stock and ready to roll

Bifold systems are increasingly popular with homeowners right across the UK on new builds, extensions or being retro-fitted as part of property refurbishments.

They offer a fantastic way to bridge the gap between inside and out. But for many properties, the lack of structural support has historically meant bifolds have not been an option – until now…

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Tritus™ - The flush casement window system you cannot do without

With clean lines, flat finish and a style that as easily suits retro fit projects as it does new builds, flush casement windows are an increasingly popular choice.

Getting that exact finish and feel, time after time can be challenging and time consuming – but not any more.

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4Safecoating - Corrosion-Resistant, Performance Multipoint Locking System

Living on an Island as we do presents some real issues and challenges when it comes to selecting the right door and window hardware – especially when you are looking at Multipoint Locking Systems.

Whilst you may think the issue of corrosion from salt may only really be an issue for buildings on the coast, According to new research from the Galvanizers Association(1) corrosion levels don’t really fall off until you are between 30 and 50 miles from the coast.

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Classically styled hardware with cutting edge performance

Whilst there has undoubtedly been a rising trend and popularity for contemporary doors and windows and in turn a more modern style of hardware, there remains a strong desire for classical hardware in the market.

And if you have customers who are looking for something more traditional the good news is that you can give them the best of both world’s - classical styling with cutting edge manufacturing quality and performance.

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Low Profile Threshold Cills for Timber Doors - featuring thermal bridging and Part M compliance

Our bestselling low profile aluminium thresholds for timber doors are so much more than an excellent weather barrier.

Providing a clean delineation between adjacent floor surfaces not only do they offer weatherproofing, our threshold plates provide an optimum-sealing surface against the bottom of your door.

Seals fitted to the base of doors are often problematic, causing excessive resistance over carpeted uneven floors, making the door difficult to open. Our hardwearing aluminium threshold cills effectively seal the door without the need for this, making it a more pleasant experience to open your door.

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Offer Your Customers Keyless Door Entry Technology with our Biometric Door Locks

​For customers looking for a keyless door entry system, our new Biometric Door Locks provide the perfect solution.

Designed to deliver quick and convenient access to a property without the need for a key, our new system allows homeowners to simply scan their fingerprint or use their mobile phone to open their front door. Security focused, our new Biometric Door Lock Kits use the very latest fingerprint recognition and mobile phone technology to provide a convenient, secure flexible door entry system.


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Full Technical Support Service to help you manufacture the UK’s leading sliding door system - HS Portal SCV

​Our HS Portal SCV Lift & Slide Wood Door System is not only designed to be easier to manufacture but comes with a full technical support package dedicated to help you manufacture.

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New innovation to speed up production time & deliver enhanced lifetime for your ultimate sliding wood door system

HS Portal SCV

Innovative technology features strongly in our new HS Portal SCV Lift & Slide system, which means we’ve been able to reduce your manufacturing time and deliver an enhanced life span with wider environmental benefits.

By listening to customers we’ve been able to design and create what we believe is the best Straight Sliding Wood Door System on the market today. Not only is the new HS Portal SCV Lift & Slide System quicker and easier to manufacture but it also has wider benefits.

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Introducing HS Portal - Your ultimate straight sliding timber door system

​Committed to developing new door and window hardware solutions, we’ve listened to feedback in the market concerning the issues being faced by customers with their current lift & slide timber door systems – and developed a new solution.

Addressing the needs of the market, our brand new HS Portal SCV Lift and Slide System is packed full of features and benefits for you and your customers.

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Blu Book Makes the Grade with 0ver 60 High Performance Door and Window Hardware Solutions

More and more homeowners across the UK are choosing stainless steel door and window hardware. And it’s no surprise – because it looks great. But so much of the mainstream stainless steel hardware simply isn’t up to the job and will often become very quickly corroded, tarnished and discoloured – especially on or near the coast.

The end result – unhappy customers, potentially expensive call backs and time and effort spent remedying work. So why take the risk in the first place?

Blu is renowned as the best-performing, most durable suited range of door and window hardware available today. Perfect for properties in highly corrosive coastal locations or when working with acidic timber such as oak or Accoya, the range of door and window hardware solutions from blu has never been bigger.

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Caught on Camera – all the benefits of our Brilliant Tilt & Turn System

There are so many benefits of using our Maco Tricoat Tilt & Turn System it’s difficult to know where to start. What’s for sure is that not only will you notice them but your customers will too.

To really spell out the features we’ve created two short films so you can see how brilliantly innovative the system is and even show you just how simple it is to fit and install.

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Red Horse Screw – Get Your Free Sample Pack Today

We’ve teamed up with renowned Danish Screw innovators Red Horse to bring you the best timber joinery screw on the market – RED HORSE.

Used by World leading window manufacturers, such as Velux and Velfac, the RED HORSE cold forged screw is available in cutting edge ZYTEC™ technology coated material or in A2 stainless steel.

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Rolkär – the bifold door system that can be fitted into virtually any space

Bifold systems are increasingly popular with homeowners right across the UK whether specifying them on new builds, extensions or retro-fitting them as part of property refurbishments.

They offer a fantastic way to bridge the gap between inside and out. But for many properties, the lack of structural support has historically meant bifolds have not been an option.

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What’s the big SEAL?

At Coastal we work with the World's leading manufacturers to put the best solutions at your fingertips. And when it comes to weatherseals - our work with Deventer will give your timber doors and windows both thermal and acoustic performance that is second to none.

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Do you use Multipoint Locks in your doors?

Whether its grand entrance double doors, ultra modern contemporary doors or classic French doors, Coastal's suited range of Multipoint locks means you've got everything you need covered in one standardised range.

Combining consistently flawless quality with innovative technology - including the UK's biggest stock of market leading Winkhaus solutions.

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3 Star TS007 Security in one easy step

Many times customers focus on fitting a quality multipoint door lock to ensure their entrance doors are highly secure and protected against burglary, but what about the lock cylinder?

Do you fit a quality 3 Star Cylinder to provide maximum security protection? Why not try them out with our First Time Order Offer*, details below…

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blu Pull Handles - see a sample to feel the difference for yourself

Coastalblogheader - Blu Handles Blog

There’s a wide range of styles to choose from...

It’s the little things with bluTM pull handles that make the difference:

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Request YOUR copy of the NEW blu book - Edition: B0.4

You won’t want to miss this one with over 60 products now available for you in 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

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Letter Plate with Enhanced Weather and Security Protection

Following customer complaints of leaking letter plates which flapped in the wind and provided no protection against intruders, our Technical team have designed the blu™ LP400 316 Stainless Steel Letter Plate.

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Lift Off Hinges for Quick and Easy Door De-Mounting

Would you like another way to make life easier in the workshop and during fitting on site?

The easy solution is for you to fit our lift off hinges, but they’re no ordinary lift off hinge…

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HS Portal 2017 Lift & Slide System

The most advanced, straight sliding door system.

Customers who have tried our new HS Portal Lift and Slide System love the benefits it is bringing them and their customers.

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Providing Performance, Durability and Peace of Mind

Award winning joinery firm Gowercroft is giving its customers 10 years product guarantee on all its windows and doors after turning to Coastal Group and its Tricoat hardware system.

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Kick Traditional Ball Bearing Hinges Into Touch With Our High Performance HQ & HY Hinges


We’ve all seen it – windows and doors that just a few years after being installed are rusting and leaking oil. It looks dreadful and completely spoils the look of the windows and doors. The impact can be even worse for properties near the coast that are exposed to a high corrosive environment.

Fit a standard ball bearing hinge and you’re guaranteed that’s what will happen.

Which is why our blu™ HQ or HY hinges are the perfect answer. The ultimate hinges for external doors and windows – that will keep them looking and performing brilliantly years after they are fitted.

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Get in the perfect Tempo with Our Brand New Deventer Weatherseal

Brand New Deventer Tempo Weatherseal

With horrendous weather recently hitting the headlines and winter just around the corner, how effective are the weatherseals you use are?

Do they offer maximum protection against the worst of the winter weather? Are they made using the very latest high performance materials, creating a more effective seal in tandem with better acoustic and thermal properties?

Our brand new SPV6009 Tempo Weatherseal Gasket by Deventer is the perfect fit for casement windows and doors - featuring hollow core technology to deliver a wealth of year round benefits.

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The Handing and Size Question resolved for Doors and Locks


Here at Coastal providing our customers with a wide range of technical and practical support on a daily basis is part of life – we’re so much more than just a hardware supplier (even though we thrive at that also!)

One of the most common areas we’re asked to help on is the issue of door handing, lock sizes and which lock for which door system. So to help remove the pain and confusion around this, we’ve created a simple ‘Door Handing Diagram and Lock Chart’ along with some practical advice and guidance. You can download a ...

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PartQ Claw Fastener joins the Glace Range


The Sliding Sash Window is the epitome of timeless style and functionality. Increasingly popular thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies, combining quality with performance, we’ve launched two fantastic new products into our highly successful Glace range of sliding sash hardware.

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Bi-fold doors made easy

Coastal BiFold  Door Systems

Help your customers bring the outside in this summer with our range of stunning bi-fold door systems.

Perfect for homes and businesses including cafes, restaurants and hotels, our Top Hung and new Bottom Rolling bi-fold door systems will help your customers open up a whole new world of space.

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our very first Product Ordering Guide

Order your Product Ordering Guide now

The new ‘handy’ sized product guide, with its cleaner, quick ordering, no fuss layout will help you find what you want faster.

Packed full of our range of door and window hardware solutions, our Product Ordering Guide features everything from:

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ML3120 multi-point lock - Safe, Secure Innovation


ML3120 multi-point lock - increased security & weathersealing

Providing your customers with a high quality door system, featuring a wealth of user benefits has never been easier thanks to the ML3120 multi-point locking system from Coastal.

Combining security, convenience and performance in one system, the ML3120 automatic multi-point locking system has not only been tested to ‘Secure by Design’ Standards, but features wider benefits that include:

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Tritus Window System achieves Part Q Approval

Tritus Part Q Window Test

Our highly successful programme to help joinery firms across the UK meet the PartQ standards has taken another step forward with the successful testing and certification of our Tritus Window System.

But what makes a successful PartQ window and just what does it have to stand up to in a full PAS24 PartQ test?

The test involves the window being tested over 5 categories (Security Requirements of PAS24:2012):

  1. Infill Mechanical Load Test
  2. Mechanical Load Test
  3. Infill Manual Test
  4. Manipulation Test
  5. Manual Attack

So what do these tests involve?

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Crossing the Threshold into a New Era - with Hollodeen

Architects use hollodeen thresholds

Reasons To Build Hollodeen Into Your Development Plans

It may not be a name you are familiar with but the highly innovative range of Hollodeen thresholds designed for standard, bi-fold and portal door systems, offer you a wide range of benefits way beyond the traditional materials being used currently. For not only are they durable, accessible (meeting Part M Regulations) and virtually indestructible, but they are also highly sustainable.

In fact, we think they come with so many benefits that once you try them, you’ll be sold on Hollodeen solutions.

So Why Hollodeen? Here’s 15 Good Reasons…

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Tempo by DEVENTER - A high performance seal of approval

Deventer weather seals

Why compare the performance of your weatherseal?

It's a fact that high quality weatherseal performance can make a big difference, providing excellent protection from all the elements – wind, water, smoke, fire and sound. And with our Tempo Weatherseal solutions from DEVENTER you can enjoy great results:

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Jump the Q with Coastal

Jump the Q

It’s been 18 months since we first launched our Part Q initiative helping the door and window industry meet new Building Regulations and in that time have helped joinery firms across England meet the PAS24 standards.

Our Part Q initiative - has been designed to take the pressure away from joinery firms and has helped scores of them offer their customers a range of PAS24 compliant doors and windows without the huge time and financial burdens.

It’s not just us talking about the benefits of our Part Q initiative. Iain McIlwee of the British Woodworking Federation writes:

Part Q Quote
“ The team at Coastal Group are to be applauded for taking such a proactive approach to helping our small and medium sized joinery companies meet their Part Q responsibilities. Part Q created a unique challenge for the timber door and window manufacturing sector, but through prescriptive methods of compliance that the BWF has developed and companies such as Coastal rallying to provide cascadable test evidence, it has not been as disruptive as it could have been.”

PartQ testing strip

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Curve2 Lift and Slide Handle - Available from stock

Curve2 Lift & Slide Handles

Struggling to find a Lift and Slide handle that, looks great, performs brilliantly and is available now?

Our newly designed handle Curve2 Lift and Slide handle fits the bill and is available in four finishes - Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Bronze, Polished Brass.

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Rolkar - Opening a whole new outlook with bottom rolling bi-fold doors

Trio of new appointments

Introducing Rolkär - the new name in bottom rolling bi-fold door systems. Available from stock for immediate delivery.

This innovative, bottom rolling, folding door system supports the weight of the doors along the base, removing the need for major structural building support. The result is a bi-fold door system that can be installed into virtually any space. By using advanced roller system technology directly underneath the door, Rolkär frees up design space creating a clean, minimalistic look which is barely visible when the doors are closed.

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A fully suited range of door & window handles - for you & your customers

Coastal launch new website

When it comes to helping your customers choose window & door handles, Coastal makes it easier thanks to our fully suited range.

Designed to suit all tastes and needs from contemporary through to traditional, our range of high quality suited door and window handles will help your customers get the right look and feel for their property.

Our fully integrated range means no more spending time trying to find window handles that match their front door! What’s more we can even brand our suited range leaflet with your logo and details to make sure your customers enjoy a seamless service from you.

To find out more about our door & window handles range visit our product pages for more information, email: [email protected] or call 01726 871 025.

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Coastal Living - Meeting the challenge of corrosive environments

Meeting the challenge of corrosive environments

We are often asked to provide advice on the most effective hardware options to go for when installing window and door systems on coastal properties.

Many in the trade are already aware of the corrosion issues arising in coastal properties. The exposure to high levels of aggressive, corrosive salt air attacks non-specialist hardware leaving it rusted, pitted and corroded in a matter of months. The result – unhappy customers and time lost revisiting properties to put right or replace the corroded hardware. But for Coastal customers this is no longer an issue thanks to the blu™ range of specialist 316 Marine Grade stainless steel which boasts a lifetime guarantee.

The blu™ range – now the UK’s largest range of 316 Marine Grade stainless steel hardware - combines high levels of style with market leading performance.

So if you are looking for high performance hardware solutions built to withstand the harshest environments here are a few solutions from the blu™ range:

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NEW Tilt & Turn system from Coastal – Bringing you a wealth of features this May

Tilt & Turn System

We are delighted to invite you to the ‘Premiere’ of our new Tilt and Turn Window System.

Delivering high performance combined with a wealth of exclusive features and benefits that you won’t find in other systems on the market today, our new Tilt and Turn system is due to be launched this May.

Designed to remove many of the challenges of tilt and turn manufacture, the new Coastal system offers security, performance and flexibility combined with high durability thanks to the inclusion of the MACO Tricoat surface finish.

The result is a Tilt and Turn solution that is the perfect choice for everything from detached coastal residences to city centre apartment blocks.

So take a seat, press play and see how you can benefit from all of the features delivered by our new Tilt and Turn System.

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Trade warming to GLACE with NEW products set to expand the range further

Glace window fittings

Thanks to the latest window manufacturing techniques, more and more people across the UK are opting for traditional window styles in both the new build and refurbishment sectors.

By mixing the very best of traditional designs, including sash windows with their classic styling, with all the performance of high specification, modern timber windows, increasing numbers are now opting for and enjoying the very best of both worlds.

Here at Coastal we have seen this popularity reflected in the increasing demand for our Glace range of window fittings, which help create that perfect look, whilst using the latest manufacturing quality to ensure the very highest standards.

Such is the popularity of the range – which includes a fully suited set of fittings including Sash lifts and fasteners available in finishes including brass and satin and polished chrome – that we now extending it further.



Pera bulb end window handle - Glace

New additions which add to the range include the PERA handle, a bulb-shaped lockable, sprung action end window espagnolette, designed in a traditional style which will be available in four classic finishes. For more information on the new PERA Handle click here.

Finish options will also be upgraded across the Glace range in 2017 with the addition of an oil rubbed bronze finish.

Quality is paramount across the Glace range with fixing holes jigged and checked during manufacture to ensure consistent fitting centres enabling the modern joiner to set up CNC drilling and positioning.

“Glace is an increasingly popular product for our customers who love the fact that, inline with the growing popularity and demand for traditional styles, they can access a range of hardware that enjoys the best manufacturing standards with the classic design, style and attention to detail their customers want.



“We are delighted to be expanding the range further giving our customers event greater options for both finishes and also with the addition of the PERA handle,” said Coastal MD Loren Jenner.



To discuss the Glace range with one of the team call Coastal on 01726 871 726 or email [email protected]


MIND THE GAP – Coastal Extends its HOLLODEEN® Threshold Range to Deliver Wider Benefits


We are delighted to announce that here at Coastal we have extended our highly popular and innovative Hollodeen® threshold range to incorporate standard door thresholds.

W16LogoOriginally launched to use in tandem with Bi-fold thresholds, the addition to the range incorporating standard in and out door thresholds was warmly greeted when we launched the new range extension at W16.

And what’s more, with the thresholds in stock, all you need to do is call us with your specified size and we will cut to order for you – no waiting or lead times.

So Why Hollodeen®?

Hollodeen® is a highly innovative, unbreakable and life-long threshold enabling the trade to say goodbye to traditional problems of rotting timber cills.

Manufactured in Germany from a high quality resin that looks like stone and comes in four different finishes – Arduin Grey, Black, Silver Grey and Steel Grey, the new Hollodeen® threshold provides a lifetime of durability, removing the need to buy, machine and finish timber before fitting track.


Created from 90% recycled material, the Hollodeen® thresholds can be quickly and easily fitted by a single person, providing significantly increased lifespan and more efficient operation of door sets.

The resin used to create the new thresholds offer thermal advantages, the low heat conductivity prevents thermal bridges, reducing the linear heat losses that are unavoidable with other threshold options. It is sold in 9 lengths up to 3 metres.

The Hollodeen® thresholds also meet the Part M Disabled access requirements and come with the option of a jamb kit which not only speeds up the fitting process but prevents the Jamb from rotting.

Recesses for shootbolts can be easily made on site where required, once installed the threshold is maintenance-free and never needs painting.


“We are delighted to be able to extend the Hollodeen® range further to incorporate standard door thresholds. The range provides a fantastic solution for anyone fitting bi-folds and standard doors. Such is the durability of the resin, that the threshold lifespan is essentially unlimited as when it is exposed to moisture there is simply no risk of any rot. It’s also unbreakable, has a fire resistance of 30 minutes when used in conjunction with fire resistant doors and has exceptional thermal qualities,” said Coastal MD Loren Jenner.

“And with product in stock, there are no lead times as every order is cut to the required size before being dispatched.”

For more information about the Hollodeen® solution contact Coastal Group on 01726 871726, email:[email protected], or visit our hollodeen web page.


Part Q goes from STRENGTH to STRENGTH at Coastal

PartQ 1 year on Blog

It’s been almost a year since we launched our groundbreaking Part Q compliance system and in that time not only has the number of products we offer under it grown, but so too has the number of firms benefitting from it.

BSI Assurance Mark Template RGBUKAS logoWe created the Part Q compliance system to enable joinery firms to use our own generic Part Q certified products to manufacture officially UKAS tested and certified doors and windows in line with PAS24 without having to pay to have their own windows and doors tested.

One year on and the Part Q Regulation is set to experience further changes with increasing numbers of specifications coming through that will demand Part Q, affecting the market even more.

We have been delighted with the initial response we have had with the growing numbers of firms signing up to our Part Q support. We asked some of those firms what benefits they were finding from using our Part Q system.

The top 4 answers were resounding:



1 – Cost Saving

– joinery firms highlighted the significant cost saving made by using our PartQ Compliance System




2 – Time Saving

– by using the system time was being saved as a result of having all the sections and hardware available to hand





3 – Quality

– By working with us, joinery firms said they liked the confidence of knowing they are manufacturing a quality door/ window for their customers




4 – Work flow

– By using our system, joiners said it means they had the ability to continue working in all construction requirements (new build/ renovation/ barn conversions) by complying to the Part Q regulations.




Not only are we delighted with this feedback but we are once again expanding the breadth of products covered by our Part Q system.

New products being tested by us include the Tritus Secure, Stormproof section and ML3120 lock, which will be announced as soon as they have completed testing.

“Part Q has gone down brilliantly with our customers and we are absolutely delighted. Creating it in the first place was a reflection of our approach as a company. We are not just a supplier of products. We like to partner with our customers, providing them with a combination of technical knowledge and support, leading solutions and market leading products. The Part Q Regulations have had a major impact on the industry and we were determined to enable joinery firms to continue manufacturing and supplying quality timber doors and windows in line with Part Q,” says Coastal MD Loren Jenner.

For more information on how our Part Q System can help you, visit or call one of the team on 01726 871726.


Coastal set to make a splash at W16

W16 show

Leading door and window hardware specialist Coastal Specialist Ironmongery will use this year’s W16 to launch its latest products and services.

Visitors to the Coastal stand on Q410 will be able to see, touch and feel the latest products from the company which is fast becoming the UK’s leading hardware supplier.

The company’s central ‘4 legged’ assembly stand, will include demonstration areas showing Coastal’s latest systems in action and functioning in a timber frame and structure.



‘blu’ pods

There will also be two ‘blu’ pods, highlighting the UK’s largest range of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel hardware designed specifically for exposed areas where there is a high risk of corrosion.



Winkhaus Products

There will also be a full range of Winkhaus products on display which Coastal is renowned for supplying in the UK. The high quality German-made products will feature in a demonstration area on the stand.

PartQ Compliant Logo-Flat


Part Q Compliance

Central areas of the stand will also have detailed information on Coastal’s increasingly popular PartQ Compliance process providing joiners with an opportunity to use the company’s own certified products to ensure compliance.




HS Portal

New products set to feature on the stand include the launch of the HS Portal.

An innovative lift and slide door system, the HS Portal includes slim concealed top track with flush bottom rail, hook drive gear with locking mechanism, soft close and open option and adjustable wheel option. Coastal will also make the Portal available with the option of having a Hollodeen Threshold.



CoFold Bottom Rolling system

Joining the CoFold will be the launch of the BiFold Bottom Rolling system. Manufactured from Marine Grade 316 stainless steel components, developed in conjunction with PC Henderson. Key benefits of the new system over other products in the market is that it is British made and the track is hidden under the door rather than existing systems which are seen when the door is closed.

W16 is set to be a really exciting event and we’re looking forward to not only launching a range of new products but having key demonstration areas where W16 visitors will be able to see our products in action, meet members of our team and see how we can really help their business,”

said Coastal MD Loren Jenner.

For more information email [email protected] or call 01726 871025.


Getting a handle on the blu™ range of escutcheons

blu Escutcheons at Coastal

As the UK’s market leader in Marine Grade 316 hardware, blu™ understand the importance of offering a complete range of high performance solutions – products designed to complement each other perfectly.

Coastal stock a fantastic range of blu™ developed escutcheons, enabling you to create a beautiful finish both inside and out in conjunction with our range of stunning handles.





























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New to our escutcheon range is the KM056 – a simple, elegant square escutcheon finished in Satin stainless steel, designed to grace any external entrance door. It works brilliantly with our HAB4 Square section handle and the HAB7 offset square handle and adds to our range of round, oval, slim line and security escutcheons.


Manufactured with the same attention to detail and quality that goes into every one of the blu™ Marine Grade 316 stainless steel products, this escutcheon range will thrive even in the toughest, high corrosive, coastal locations.

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Buying Multipoint Locks? You May want to read this

Euro Cylinder multipoint Locks

It’s all too easy to get in a purchasing pattern when ordering window and door hardware, such as multipoint locks, and not see new and upgraded products that provide a range of enhanced features and benefits.

We noticed this recently with customers who have traditionally ordered our Multipoint Locks. Great products without a doubt. But not as good as our own innovative new 3 Star Euro Cylinder – the KABA pExtra Guard Cylinder.

The new cylinder provides a wealth of enhanced features including:

  • Patent protected key blanks to prevent illegal key copying
  • Meets Class 6 security standard EN1303
  • Compliance with PartQ building Regulations
  • Meets TS007, British Kitemark approved 3-Star Cylinder standards
  • Compliance Certificate available to show customer and building inspector
  • Use any lever handle of your choice and still comply

A fantastic new lock that protects homes from all common types of attack including drilling, picking, bumping, snapping and plug extraction.

We think you’ll our new KABA pExtra Guard Cylinder so much order one before June 30th and we will send you a bottle of red wine! Cheers.

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World’s only double contact flipper gasket delivers high performance for sash windows

Double flipper GasketThe World’s only double contact flipper gasket, enabling A-rated performance and excellent acoustic ratings for sash windows is now available in the UK from leading external door and timber window hardware specialist the Coastal Group.

Unique in the market and only available in the UK through Coastal Group, the Tempo Flipper gasket works by sealing the weight box and parting bead in one go, bringing not just performance but wider benefits of removing window rattle and because there are no brushes, there is no wear.

Featuring a rigid back for easy installation and to prevent stretching, the closed cell micro foam on the seal, removes any possibility of water absorption whilst providing an acoustic value of 40dB.

Manufactured from high quality material providing a working temperature range of -40°C – +120°C, the Tempo Flipper gasket is also Ultra-violet and Ozone resistant and conforms to the DIN 18095 requirements for fire resistant products. It is also compatible with thinned acrylic paints and alkyd resin paints containing conventional solvents.

The performance, features and benefits of the Tempo Flipper Gasket are a game changer for sash window performance and something the trade has been crying out for, for years. It’s a simple gasket to fit which is critical. Once fitted you have a high performance product in situ that enhances the quality of sash windows significantly,” said Coastal Group Director Anthony Jenner.

For more information about the Tempo Flipper gasket and to request a 150mm sample contact Coastal Group on 01726 871726, email [email protected] or visit


Hollodeen® fills the gap to provide a highly innovative, weather-proof, bi-Fold threshold

Hollodeen Bi-fold door thresholds now at Coastal

Coastal Group, the leading external timber door and window hardware specialist, has enhanced its product portfolio, introducing a highly innovative, unbreakable and life-long Bi-fold threshold into its range, enabling the trade to say goodbye to the problems of rotting timber cills.

Manufactured in Germany from a high quality resin that is designed to look just like stone, the new Hollodeen® Bi-fold threshold provides a lifetime of durability, removing the need to buy, machine, finish timber and fit track.

Created from 90% recycled material, the Hollodeen® thresholds can be quickly and easily fitted by a single person, providing significantly increased lifespan and more efficient operation of bi-fold door sets.

Available in a range of colours – all designed to reflect stone finishes such as granite or marble – the resin used to create the new thresholds offer thermal advantages, the low heat conductivity prevents thermal bridges, reducing the linear heat losses that are unavoidable with other threshold options. It is sold in lengths from 2000mm to 6000mm in 250mm increments.

Recesses for shootbolts can be easily made on site where required, once installed the threshold is maintenance-free and never needs painting.

“We are absolutely delighted to add Hollodeen® to our product range, providing joinery manufacturers across the UK with a highly innovative threshold solution which overcomes all the traditional issues associated with bi-fold cills,” said Coastal Group Director Anthony Jenner. “Such is the durability of the resin, that the threshold lifespan is essentially unlimited as when it is exposed to moisture there is simply no risk of any rot. It’s also unbreakable, has a fire resistance of 30 minutes when used in conjunction with fire resistant doors and has exceptional thermal qualities,” added Anthony.

Coastal Group plans to make the Hollodeen® solutions available for standard door thresholds and sliding door systems.

For more information about the Hollodeen® solution contact Coastal Group on 01726 871726, email [email protected] or visit hollodeen composite door thresholds.


Red Horse and Coastal Group launch the world’s leading timber screw into the UK


Leading external door and timber window hardware specialist, Coastal Group, has teamed up with renowned Danish screw innovators Red Horse to exclusively launch the highest specification – PAS24:2012 compliant – timber screw.

Used by the world’s leading window manufacturers such as Velux and Velfac due to its quality and performance, the Red Horse cold forged screw is only available in the UK through Coastal Group –

Manufactured in both cutting edge ZYTEC™ coating technology and A2 stainless steel, the new screws are designed to provide a range of benefits to the timber window and door market to enable 100% consistent fixing and high quality performance.

Cold forged for superior strength the new screws are available in 20mm to 120 mm sizes, and are suitable for manual and automated fixing lines and locking and hinge systems. Key features include a unique Headlock design ensuring a locked tight fixing every time and an ‘Instant Bite’ self-drilling tip, ensuring enhanced products and streamlined production lines.

As part of its dedication to quality, Coastal Group has also tested the ZYTEC™ screws when constructing a window in line with the Pas24:2012 Part Q test, which it passed.

 Now it is providing the trade with free sample packs to see for itself the quality of the new Red Horse range of timber screws.

 “We are absolutely delighted that through our work and collaboration with Red Horse we are able to launch this new range of high performance timber screws exclusively in the UK. The feedback we have had from the market so far has been exceptional with quality, ease of use and consistency through the locked tight fit and self-drilling tip really making their mark over traditional products,” said Coastal Group Director Anthony Jenner“The fact they are also helping our customer’s products meet the security requirements set out in the PAS24:2012 Part Q standards which came into force on 1st October is a massive benefit and a further testament to their quality. We are now inviting the trade to contact us and try them for themselves by requesting one of our new sample packs,” he added.

Hampshire-based Input Joinery is one of many firms in the UK to use the new screws with company director Martin delighted with the results.

“When we tried the new Red Horse drills we were impressed with the performance and very happy with every aspect of them. From the clean look they now give our locking & hinge systems, through to the quality of the screw itself with its Torx head and pre drill tip,” he said.

To receive a sample pack of the new Red Horse timber screws, contact Coastal Group on 01726 871726, email [email protected] or visit