Research and Development Tax Relief for Door and Window Manufacturers - Webinar Resources

Webinar Registration - How you could benefit from valuable Tax Relief for Research and Development

Research and Development Tax Relief - could you be missing out?

Research and Development tax relief is an extremely generous incentive from the UK Government which many door and window manufacturers are still missing out on - are you? Coastal Group hosted a webinar along with PKF Francis Clark Tax Consultancy to help door and window manufacturers find out. Listen to the recording below and see if you qualify for Research and Development Tax Relief.


Webinar Resources - Lean Principles to Help Door & Window Manufacturers Increase Productivity & Profitability

Free Webinar - Lean Principles to Help Door & Window Manufacturers Increase Productivity & Profitability

Has your door and window manufacturing reached capacity, or is it struggling to maintain profitability?

Maybe you're wanting to grow your door and window sales but are struggling to increase production capacity to match? Or are you losing orders due to long lead times?

Applying lean concepts and principles can solve many of the issues found in joinery and fabrication workshops. View the webinar video, shown below, which Coastal Group hosted in conjunction with TXM Lean Solutions to see how you can make your door and window production lines more profitable, more efficient and more productive using your existing personnel and factory space.

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Webinar Resources - How Durodeen Can Help You Manufacture Doors and Windows with Less Staff

Webinar Resource Pack Download - How Durodeen Can Help You Manufacture Doors and Windows with Less Staff Blog Header

Machining timber beading for your timber doors and windows driving you mad? We have the solution for you.

Many joinery firms are currently finding it a challenge to fulfil orders in time due to their shortage of skilled staff in their workshop. Added to this is the time it takes, and the hassle it causes, to machine timber beading

Listen to this webinar recording and download your resources from the links below to find out how we can not only quickly and easily help you to not only speed up your timber door and window production times, but also help to improve their performance.

Hear how other joinery companies have benefited.

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Offer Black Antique Hardware To Your Customers and Install It With Confidence - DURATIQUE, Antique Hardware Made in the UK

DuraTique - Antique Hardware That doesn't rustAt last a range of Black antique door hardware which doesn't rust - DURATIQUE.

So many homeowners today still want traditional style door hardware because it suits the design and style of their property. But many door manufacturers are reluctant to fit traditional antique hardware because of the issues it can traditionally bring – it’s highly likely to rust quickly and soon fail to operate properly within months of installation. That means expensive visits back to site for you to replace poor performing iron hardware – wasting your valuable time and money. However that's not the case with DURATIQUE.

Introducing DURATIQUE - a Range of Stainless Steel Antique Hardware which you can offer to your customers and fit to your doors with confidence - fully tested and fully guaranteed antique hardware.

Protect your brand and reputation by fitting DURATIQUE hardware to your doors. See the many benefits DURATIQUE brings you below, view the video, then request your sample finish swatches and brochure by completing the form below.

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Investing to help with your door and window manufacturing

Investing to help with your door and window manufacturing

Worried about your hardware supply chain for your door and window production?

Many would have experienced the issues caused by a supply chain unable to fulfil your hardware requirements - an idle door and window production line costs you an awful lot of wasted money.

So we've invested in a new second Distribution Warehouse and our 'Next Day Delivery Service' for door and window hardware is up and operational again.

As we work towards our new 'Sense of Purpose' of 'shaping the future' for our clients, enabling them to maximise the value of their doors and windows, our latest warehouse investment will benefit you in many ways:

  • Reduce 'stock outs' - Increased stockholding will help us achieve our 'On Time In Full' fulfilment objectives for you.
  • Provide a stable and secure supply chain - Idle production lines cost money so we aim to remove the issues experienced by many over recent months in being unable to finish their doors and windows through lack of hardware.
  • Increase our 'Made in the UK' range of hardware - Providing you with peace of mind with our own quality range of suited hardware.

View images of our new Distribution Warehouse getting up and running below:

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Managing the impact of COVID 19 and key considerations for getting back to business

Key considerations for getting back to business Webinar Blog Header

'Back to Business Under COVID-19 - Your Health and Safety Responsibilities' - Your Webinar Resource Pack

Many thanks to all who joined us on Friday 22nd May for your complimentary webinar we hosted alongside Citation - HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety experts. We trust you found it useful in helping you manage the impact of COVID 19 and answer questions and key considerations for getting back to business.

The aim of this webinar was to:

  • Help you get your business up and running, whilst ensuring you comply with your new Health & Safety responsibilities under COVID-19.
  • Give guidance on the latest site operating procedures and workplace, workshop and showroom risk assessments.
  • Provide opportunity to have your specific questions answered.

As promised during the webinar we have a resource pack available for you to download along with a copy of most of the slides used during the webinar and useful links. We've also included a copy of the recording for you which you can view below.

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Book Your Free Online Consultation Session

Reserve Your Free Online Consultation Session

Reserve Your Free Online Consultation Session with Our Team of Specialists

Whilst you may not be able to work in your business at this time, now is an ideal opportunity to work on your business. Don't waste your chance to get ahead and hit the ground running when you return to work.

You can take advantage of a free consultation with our team of specialists to go over ways you can improve your window and door production to save time and money and enhance your product offering.

Customer Feedback on these sessions - "Thank you for your call yesterday, it is always a joy and inspiration talking to you, I can always hear the cogs churning away in your head, it’s fantastic to hear such passion from you to do with this trade."

This is not a sales pitch from us, it's about helping you get ahead. Book your free session by completing the form below:

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See the difference your window handle can make

BLU Window Espagnolette Handles

There’s no doubt that flush casement windows with timber look joints are disrupting the industry and becoming an increasingly popular choice with customers.

So the last thing you want is to get left behind or overlooked by fitting the usual cheap, typical PVC window handles. And when it comes to flush casement window aesthetics, the type of handles you fit can make a massive difference.

See the Difference that Quality Window Handles Make

To show you just what a difference they make, and how easy it is to add value to your windows by upgrading the handles, we’ve shot a short video below.

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COVID-19 Cleaning and Protection Supplies

COVID-19 Products To Help Protect You and Your Staff

Following requests from our customers for help in sourcing cleaning and protection products to help protect them and their staff from COVID-19, you'll be pleased to know we have hand sanitiser, face protection masks, face visor shields and sanitising wipes coming into stock shortly.

You can reserve stock of these products, for delivery as soon as it arrives over the next few weeks, by completing the form below.

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COVID-19 Coastal Group Update as at 1st April 2020

Durodeen Beading - Your silent skilled joiner

Message from Loren - our CEO - Reference COVID-19

As the COVID-19 situation continues to change rapidly I wanted to take a moment to update you how we’re handling the situation here at Coastal. Our focus is two-fold:

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