Turning your Bifold Door Nightmare into a Dream Come True

Have you ever found yourself saying “Timber bifolds are a nightmare – there’s too much to go wrong!”?

We’re here to turn your bifold door nightmare into a dream come true.

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Wouldn’t you like black antique hardware, which doesn’t rust and ruin your door?

Black antique door hardware - so many homeowners today still want this traditional style of hardware because it suits the design and style of their property. But with this traditional antique hardware comes traditional issues – namely – it’s highly likely to rust quickly and severely and fail to operate properly within months of installation.

That means expensive visits back to site for you to replace poor performing iron hardware – wasting valuable time and money. So problematic is it, that many manufacturers are reluctant to fit this type of hardware in the first place as they know how quickly it is likely to fail.

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Wouldn’t you like an easy way to achieve a Heritage style door but with a more secure multipoint door lock?

Have you been avoiding switching over to fit a multipoint locking system on Heritage style timber doors?

Was it because your customers kept locking themselves out? Or was it because you found it a challenge between getting the compression right versus a smooth key operation?

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Like help with your Lift & Slide Door Systems?

With the increasing popularity of large sliding doors more and more joinery manufacturers are looking at our HS Portal SCV Lift and Slide Door System.

Joiners want a sliding door system which is quicker and easier to manufacture, and homeowners want a sliding door system which maximises the views.

We’ve listened to feedback from our customers and created a solution for you with the best Lift and Slide Door System combined with the best technical support available on the market today.

As a bonus we’re also offering you a free live video tutorial call…

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Don’t let other joinery manufacturers make a better sliding sash window than yours

With the resurgence in popularity of sliding sash windows combined with a more discerning homeowner, joinery manufacturers are relooking at their manufacturing process and the overall performance of their sliding sash windows.

Typically wooden sliding sash windows have been time consuming to make and have provided poor energy performance. Homeowners were often complaining about how draughty their windows were and the problem of sashes sticking when they tried to open or close them.

The biggest cause of these sliding sash issues is…

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Like to produce Double Doors which last longer?

​If you are working with acidic timber such as oak or Accoya you could well be facing issues with corroding locks that are holding you back from providing better customer guarantees for your double doors.

Or perhaps it’s the constant threat of corrosive air that’s affecting the performance of your door hardware, whether on the coast or in polluted city locations?

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Make it easy for your customer to choose their door and window hardware

Give customers the opportunity to see and feel fantastic hardware options when they are buying their doors and windows from you and you will increase your sales successes.

Simplifying the hardware selection process for your customers is a proven sales method and makes it easier for your customers to buy more from you. Click on the dots below to read on...


Making your online door and window hardware shopping a whole lot easier

As part of our continual focus on enhancing your customer experience here at Coastal Group, you will find improvements made to our website – www.coastal-group.com - further, cementing it as a key resource for all your door and window hardware requirements.

In addition to containing detailed information across our complete range of hardware solutions, including fully suited hardware ranges, bifold door systems, sliding door systems, sash window hardware, door handles, window handles, hinges, weatherseals, and multipoint locking systems, you will benefit from even more functionality.

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What does your letter plate say about your door?

Does the letter plate you fit to your front door sets enhance and improve their look and performance?

Or do they let them down and put customers off buying them?

We believe our stunning range of letter plates can not only enhance how your door sets look but offer significant purchase appeal, giving you the edge over your customers.


We’ve created a...

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Create your Ultimate Contemporary Front Entrance Door with our Suited Door Hardware

Contemporary entrance doors can really help set the tone for a property. But they shouldn’t just be beautiful to look at, they should be beautiful to the touch too – both inside and out.

So when you’ve gone to the effort of manufacturing beautiful contemporary entrance doors, it makes total sense to fit them with equally beautiful hardware. Stainless steel door furniture including contemporary door handles your customers will love the look and feel of. Hardware that works together seamlessly and that is built to perform in the harshest environments.

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