COVID-19 Coastal Group Update as at 1st April 2020

Durodeen Beading - Your silent skilled joiner

Message from Loren - our CEO - Reference COVID-19

As the COVID-19 situation continues to change rapidly I wanted to take a moment to update you how we’re handling the situation here at Coastal. Our focus is two-fold:

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Is a skilled labour shortage holding you back from fulfilling quotes?

Durodeen Beading - Your silent skilled joiner

Producing lots of quotes? Wondering how you’ll cope if you win the majority of these projects?

One way we can help you is by removing the need to machine a very labour-intensive part of your door or window – the beading.

With the shortage of skilled labour a challenge for many joinery firms, why not take this opportunity to get your beading consistent, more durable and available straight off the shelf. Complete the call request form below and our in-house Durodeen beading specialist will be in touch to discuss.

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Case Study: Should I choose Zinc or Stainless Steel Handles?

Zinc handles have been fitted for years to patio doors, with manufacturers thinking that zinc doesn’t corrode.

However an increasing number of door manufacturers and indeed homeowners are now coming to us asking why their zinc handles are corroding, as you can see in our case study video.

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How to reduce overhead costs with less site callbacks

With labour such a big percentage of overheads, why not look to reduce your site callbacks?

Have you ever considered how much a site callback visit costs you in terms of labour? Labour costs are a huge proportion of overheads, so it makes sense to review issues that cause site callbacks. Reducing site callbacks will help keep your labour focussed on what makes you your money.

We hear of many instances where fitters are called back to site to resolve issues with the hardware installed. In most instances this could have been prevented by fitting hardware which was fit for purpose.

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How to reduce stock levels and improve the cash flow in your business without losing sales

With doors and windows made up of many components, and different finishes, juggling your stock levels so you have the right components to complete your project in time can be a challenge!

Too little stock can mean you losing the order, or not being able to deliver your finished doors and windows in time. Too much stock can drastically restrict your profits and use up a lot of the cash flow in your business.

Good stock management will reduce excess stock levels and improve the cash flow in your business, whilst maintaining the availability of your doors and windows to prevent you from losing sales.

Sound good? Let’s look at a way you can easily achieve this.

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How consumer demand and architectural trends are shaping the door and window market

It’s often difficult to free our time to rise above the day-to-day to look at what’s driving the market, and where we should steer our business to capture this demand to maximise growth opportunities.  What are the current trends and what are the likely drivers that will shape the future door and window market?

Loren Jenner, our MD, discusses what’s hot in the door and window market and what’s likely to be around the corner.

It’s been an interesting 18 months with some key trends clearly apparent. Most significantly we’ve seen…

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Suited Bronze Hardware Creates Stunning Door and Window Range

Are you looking for that something special for your doors and windows, something to set your doors and windows apart from the crowd, something which will make your doors and windows look stunning?

You need to try our new bronze range of suited door and window hardware. Based on feedback from our customers that they wanted a range of hardware which made their doors and windows look stunning, we created three new bronze finishes from our blu™ and DuraTique™ hardware ranges. And it’s working, with great feedback from door and window manufacturers on how this bronze range is really grabbing their client’s attention, and homeowners are loving it.

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Your biggest range of suited cylinder pulls available from stock

Often it’s the little things which can make the biggest impact. Maybe you spend a lot of time and money getting the style and finish right on your door only to let it down with a poor-quality cylinder pull.

The cylinder pull may be the only part of your door which your customer touches – what does your cylinder pull convey about your door?

Are your cylinder pulls rusting and corroding and ruining the look of your door? Do your cylinder pulls bend every time your customer closes their door, giving a poor quality impression?

With our newly extended range of cylinder pulls you can now choose, not only from traditional or contemporary styles and finishes to match your door, but also from versions such as back to back cylinder pulls, security cylinder pulls, narrow profile cylinder pulls and so on.

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Traditional Style Cylinder Pull Which Doesn’t Rust – The New CP30 Cylinder Pull

Are rusting cylinder pulls ruining your heritage style doors?

Look no further than our new CP30 Traditional Back to Back Cylinder Pull.

Fit the new CP30 Cylinder Pull to your doors for guaranteed durability, long-life performance, consistent quality and lifetime value.


How to achieve the correct compression for your doors and windows

Is trying to achieve the correct compression on your doors and windows causing you problems and frequent site call backs? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we have a solution for you – request your FREE sample pack below.

Too much compression on your doors or windows can cause the handle and locking mechanism to break and fail. Too little compression can result in wind, water and noise ingress and a call back to site to sort the issue!

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