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Seamlessly Connect Inside & Outside With Coastal’s External Bifold Door System

Written by Coastal Group ,
Published on July 25, 2022 at 10:49:13 AM PDT July 25, 2022 at 10:49:13 AM PDTth, July 25, 2022 at 10:49:13 AM PDT

Coastal’s advanced external folding door hardware system just got even better with the introduction of our Black Aluminium Threshold.

Folding door systems such as Bifold doors play an important role as an attractive and functional way of creating space and providing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living.

However, Bifold doors do not come without their headaches for both the manufacturer and installer. Our customers often come to us with concerns about what may go wrong, including:

  • Concern of doors swelling or dropping
  • Confusion as to what locks to use on bifold doors
  • Whether the system is fit for purpose to prevent site callbacks

Coastal’s CoFold Folding Door System is expertly designed to connect internal space with the outside world whilst alleviating the common concerns of our customers. This smooth glide system delivers ease in installation and a high-performance, reliable function

The Non-Mortice Top Hung design caters for Timber Doors up to 100kg with max leaf width of 1000mm. This article focuses on our CoFold Top Hung system, if your project does not provide adequate overhead support (often the case in Orangeries) we recommend our Rolkar Bottom Rolling Bifold System.

Concern #1 – Bifold Door Swelling

Wooden doors absorb heat or moisture from the air and start to expand and cause issues with the way the door fits in the opening.

From the keeps to the hangers on the frame, Coastal’s design of the CoFold sliding door system compensates for significant swelling and contraction to ensure consistent performance and reliability.

Concern #2 – Bifold Doors Dropping

Bifold doors can drop and become difficult to open or operate if they are not set up correctly. This leads to costly, time-consuming site callbacks and could potentially harm the reputation of your company if the doors are damaged.

R-Loc Feature

Bifold doors can be difficult to set, the grub screw may come loose or have fallen out completely, making things harder and more time consuming for the installer.

Coastal’s R-Loc solution makes door adjustment quick and easy. The R-Loc is a clever ratchet system that enables installers to easily heighten or lower a door, eliminating the process of locking the hanger in place with a grub screw.

Concern #3 – What Locks Do I Use On My Bifold Doors?

Security is a key priority for customers. Not only should doors look great and be functional, but there should be peace of mind doors can be locked securely.

Multipoint locks with hook bolts are best avoided on Bifold projects due to potential door movement preventing hooks from engaging in the keep.

For best practice, Coastal recommend using the ML60 Multipoint Door Lock along with our specially designed MK9 Extended Striker Plate Centre Keep to prevent the latch scratching or damaging the frame.

Using the CoFold system alongside the ML60 Twin Tapered Deadbolt Lock, Coastal have successful tested to PAS24, achieving Part Q Compliant Status.

Concern #4 – Is My Folding Door System Built To Last?

An important element for customers to consider is the longevity of the hardware they select, especially for Bifold door systems located in exposed coastal location.

The function of Bifold doors is to be open, therefore it is important to consider that all the components are exposed and should be able to withstand whatever the weather throws at it.

The components of the CoFold system are made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, making it exceptionally durable against the atmospheric elements that may cause corrosion.

Time Saving Product Highlight: Black Aluminium Threshold

The CoFold System now offers customers the option of a Black Aluminium Threshold to compliment the aesthetics of their bifold door even further.

Black hardware is becoming an increasingly popular choice with end users and our new Black Aluminium Threshold range matches this sleek style perfectly.

The CoFold Aluminium Threshold Jamb kit unlocks huge time benefits, allowing you to cut the jambs off square rather than scribing around the cill detail.

We’ve had some great feedback on the performance of our threshold range, as highlighted below.

” To be honest I wouldn’t use anything other than an aluminium threshold these days – purely because of the water ingress – anyone that puts a timber sill on is foolish – you drill a hole and the water still goes in – the timber rots from the inside.”

”Simply put its robust and does its job. It Save’s a shedload of machine time. I wouldn’t move away from using it now, not ever!”

Want to know more about our CoFold System? Simply add your details to the Smartsheet form to register for a free video demonstration with one of our product experts.

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