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Stainless Steel Woodscrew for Timber Windows and Doors

Written by Coastal Group ,
Published on August 3, 2021 at 7:45:37 AM PDT August 3, 2021 at 7:45:37 AM PDTrd, August 3, 2021 at 7:45:37 AM PDT

Ever thought about how changing your woodscrew could save you production time and improve the performance of your windows and doors?

With production capacity maxed out and workforces stretched to cope with required throughput, making a simple change such as using a different woodscrew could make a huge impact at helping speed up your production.

How much time do you waste due to snapped screws or sheared heads? Or how much time and cost goes into site callbacks due to corroded screws?

Red Horse – a specialist fixings and fasteners solutions company based in Denmark - have developed a woodscrew range specifically for timber windows and doors.

Red Horse started off making roofing screws – you know how much force is required to drill through metal cladding and then the head having to be strong enough to quickly stop the screw without snapping.

Red Horse have taken that technology and used it to help design woodscrews specifically for joinery companies making timber windows and doors. They’re proven and used by some of the biggest timber window manufacturers across Europe.

View the Red Horse video to see how good the Red Horse screws are in action and request a sample pack to try them for yourself.

How Red Horse woodscrews can help speed up your timber window and door production lines

The ‘instant bite’ self-drilling tip is one of the key features of this exceptional woodscrew. You can quickly feel the difference as soon as you start using them.

The Red Horse thread cut is half the depth of the screw diameter making it more effective at removing the wood and reducing chance of wood splitting.

Combine this with the torx head which is designed to give better grip to your drill bit and you’ve a screw which will dramatically speed up your door and window production.

Red Horse – unique screw head design to help prevent snapped screws

We all know how much time is wasted trying to fix sheared screw heads or snapped screws. The countersunk head on a Red Horse screw is designed with a 90-degree angle to give greater coverage of pressure and help prevent the head from shearing.

The unique Red Horse ‘Headlock’ design ensures an improved braking and locking effect for a tight fix every time. The ribs on the head have material removed between ribs, rather than ribs added, keeping screw head size same as standard countersunk screws.

Red Horse Screws - Zytec coated for added resistance to corrosion

The unique Red Horse Zytec coating is a 3 stage process which gives the strength of a cold forged screw but with very high corrosion resistance. Zytec screws have been successfully salt spray tested for 500 hours – the highest class in the test.

These help to reduce issues and site callbacks due corroding screws.

The Danish are good at many things from food to furniture design – they’re also very good at making an excellent joinery screw. See for yourself on the video below.

Why not try them for yourself – request your free sample pack by filling in the form.


We’ve received great feedback from joinery companies who’ve switched over to the Red Horse screws.

“Very happy with every aspect of the Red Horse screws - from the clean look that they now give our locking & hinge systems, through to the quality of the screw itself with its Torx head and pre-drill tip.

They have also been an integral part of us achieving PAS24 security status on our windows & doors."

Input Joinery

“Thoroughly impressed with the results. We’re now using these screws on all our window and door hardware due to the excellent corrosion resistance. This has led to reduced costs for ourselves and more importantly has led to better customer satisfaction.

For more information on our Red Horse Joinery Woodscrew Range for Timber Windows and Doors please contact us on sales@coastal-group.com or call 01726 871 025.

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