What’s The Best Lock For My Stable Door?

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As a trusted expert in the supply of multipoint locks for timber doors, Coastal group outline the Winkhaus Stable Door Lock, a new to the market innovation delivering exceptional aesthetic, security, weather protection and ease of use for the homeowner.

What is a stable door?

Stable doors are a popular choice for homeowners. Perhaps most commonly known for adding character and charm to traditional styles like cottages and farmhouses, they are becoming increasingly sought after on as a statement piece on contemporary properties.

Whether made from composite or timber, the stable doors are a practical solution that allow homeowners versatility to open the top half the door to open with the lower half remains closed. Both segments of the door can also be opened together like a standard single door.

The stable door is the perfect choice for keeping small children and pets in the house, whilst letting in light and air to the property.

ML95 Winkhaus Interlocking Stable Door Lock

This mulitpoint door lock allows timber doors to capture the traditional aesthetic required with stable doors whilst ensuring modern day locking requirements are met.

Key Features of the ML95 Interlocking Stable Door Lock

  • 20mm faceplate assists on taller door sets and offer flexibility in door split options
  • Higher handle point on the top lock to avoid clashing with door drip detail
  • Shootbolt interlocks top and bottom halves to form one door for extra stength
  • High performance gear box texted to 100,000 cycles
  • Tapered hooks for optimum security, ease of operation and weather protection
  • Adjustable roller ball on bottom leaf for ease of opening and closing

How does the ML95 Interlocking Stable Door Work?

The innovative design houses the whole locking system inside the door set, keeping the amount of hardware on the door to a minimum and subsequently making it look much cleaner and more appealing to the eye.

Its new design features a central locking bolt that holds the door together to operate as a full interlocked unit, just like any standard door.

The top leaf is simply opened by undoing the thumbturn, and pushing the handle down.

For an added user-friendly benefit, the bottom leaf can also remain independent of the top leaf using the unique rollerball feature. This allows the homeowner to quickly come and go without having to operate thumbturn each time.

Set The Perfect Tolerance With Rollerball Feature

The unique rollerball feature allows the door to be opened and closed the door without having to adjust the thumb turns or euro cylinder on the bottom door leaf.

Adjustments to the rollerball can be made with an allen key, letting you to easily set the perfect tolerance for the distance between your door and the frame.

Avoid Clashing With Door Drip

One of the key differences between the ML95 Interlocking Stable Door Lock and alternative options is the higher handle height.

A common problem found on inward opening door solutions where a rebate is located on the outside of the door and a drip would be incorporated is getting a handle on the locking mechanism.

Designing a locking solution with a significantly higher handle height like the ML95 provides adequate room for a handle to be fitted, reflected in the images.

Winkhaus – The best locks for your timber doors

Coastal are proud strategic partners of Winkhaus innovating together for the past to offer the best multipoint locks for timber doors.

With the requirement for ultimate lasting performance key for joiners, Coastal have aligned with Winkhaus and Accsys whose Accoya wood has become a material of choice for door and window manufacturers to deliver the most durable solution on the market.

Winkhaus products have been tested to EN 1670 corrosion projection class 5, the highest available.

For more information, view our range of Winkhaus locks.

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