AV4 Heritage Right Lock - 2285-2426mm

AV4 Heritage Winkhaus Lock - Right hand - 2285-2426mm

Double Door Slam Shut -Right Hand (HERITAGE)

Suitable for Door Heights between 2285-2426mm

Available in 45mm & 55mm backset for the Master Lock

Select either the MS28 Thimble Keep or MS24 Flat Plate Keep for Shootbolt Keep.

What you will need:

  • Choose your ML580R Master Lock (1 Required)
  • Choose the ML30 Slave Lock (1 Required)
  • Choose the MS541-SV Shootbolt(1 Required)
  • Choose either the MS28-SV (2 Required) or MS24-SV (2 Required) - Shootbolt Keep
  • Choose the MK39-MAG (1 Required)
  • Choose the MK311-RH-DAY (Optional for Daytme latch function)

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