Winkhaus locks by Coastal Group

Shaping the future in external door and window hardware.

Born on the rugged shores of Cornwall back in 2003, but opening doors and windows globally, Coastal Group is a family owned business which specialises in the design and manufacture of precision-made hardware solutions for external doors and windows.

We continuously innovate in the design and manufacture of our hardware to deliver the solutions of tomorrow. Every piece is designed to enhance the look and improve the performance and durability of the doors and windows they’re fitted to.

Consistently. Every time.

Hardware plays an important role in creating the right first impression, connecting you to your property.

It's why we place such emphasis on ensuring our hardware is the best quality for you.

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Secure your stable door with the Winkhaus stable door lock from Coastal

Stable doors have surged in popularity in recent years, particularly in countryside homes, cottages and farm houses. With the increase in demand for doors come increased demand for stable door locks.

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The Centor E3 folding door system showcases modern engineering and design. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, the bifold door system combines functionality with good looks and durability, making it a big hit with joiners and home owners.

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The evolution of the espagnolette window handle: a joiner’s guide

A window handle offers more than just access to the outside – it adds the finishing touch to a window, whether modern or traditional.

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