CoastGard™ Corrosion Protection System (Individual Cans)

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  • CoastGard Corrosion Protection System helps protect hardware such as multipoint door locks and window espagnolette bolts from corroding when being fitted in acidic timber or coastal locations.
  • Complete three-part kit must be used for the system to work.
  • Using the individual items on their own will not provide adequate protection.
  • Individual items of the kit can be re-ordered if you run out of a particular product.
  • CoastGard 1 (CPS-1) is a fully synthetic grease which penetrates into all the moving hardware parts. It protects and lubricates the moving parts and ensures that the lacquer applied in step 3 does not stick the sliding surfaces together.
  • CoastGard 2 (CPS-2) is a non-flammable cleaner spray that flushes dirt, surface rust, grease and oil from the hardware.
  • CoastGard 3 (CPS-3) is a fast-drying acrylic lacquer used to protect the hardware against mild acids, alkalis, salt spray and general weathering. It seals and protects the hardware leaving a smooth, transparent, scratch resistant film which is extremely tough and durable.