Hardware Care & Maintenance Pack - KIT A


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Whether it's polluted city air, corrosive salt air or exposure to the elements, your external door and window hardware has a lot to deal with.

Tea staining on hardware, keys sticking in cylinders and multipoint locks jamming or seizing up are common problems that can be avoided with our hardware care and maintenance pack.

This KIT A includes the following items:
  • DR121 Kit - Stainless Steel Renovation Kit removes 'tea stains', surface rust and on-site dust without attacking the metal
  • GLS200 - Fully synthetic PTFE grease protects and lubricates your Multipoint Locks 
  • CL60 - Cleans, lubricates and protects your Euro cylinder lock
  • MFC Cloth - Micro-Fibre cleaning cloth
  • MLT10 - Torx tool for Multipoint Lock keep adjustment