KM060C BLU 316 Stainless Steel Mitre Lever Door Handle on Round Rose

SKU: BLU KM060C Mitre Lever on Round Rose
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  • Mitre lever door handle on round rose provides a modern, contemporary feel to your front door.
  • Fixings concealed behind clip-on round rose.
  • Manufactured from 316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel for lifelong durability.
  • Ideal for use where corrosion levels are high such as coastal environments or with acidic timber.
  • Suitable for multipoint door locks.
  • Part of a suited range of hardware including matching window handle.
  • Durability tested to BS EN 1906:2012, Durability Grade 7 - 200,000 Cycles



  • Fixings:Fixings are Supplied
  • Handing:Universal
  • Operation:Dual Sprung
  • Door Thickness:Up to 68mm
  • Guarantee:Lifetime