DR121 BLU Stainless Steel Renovation Cleaner Kit

SKU: BLU Stainless Steel Renovation Cleaner
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  • Stainless Steel Renovation Kit. - DR121 removes 'tea stains', surface rust, contamination and on-site dust and dirt without attacking the metal.
  • It is a combination of organic acids and surface-active agents with a pH value of 3.
  • It doesn't present a danger to the person using it or the environment.
  • It is free from abrasive particles.
  • Used regularly, it keeps stainless steel hardware sparkling clean and looking like new.
  • Particularly good for hardware on property situated on or near the coast.
  • Note: The cleaner should not be used on PVD coated, powder coated or painted surfaces.
  • Conditioner should be applied as directed to the hardware after the cleaner.