3 Star Security Euro Profile Double Cylinders (KTD) - 40:55, Black Matt finish


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  • Anti-snap security cylinder to provide maximum security.
  • Kitemark approved – TS007 3 Star, Class 6 Security Standard EN 1303, BS 3621 - Achieved highest grade 5 in EN 1670 Corrosion Resistance Test making it suitable for use in corrosive environments such as on the coast.
  • Anti-Snap - The front section of the cylinder is designed to snap off when forced, leaving the cylinder in place, and the door secure.
  • Anti-Pull - Advanced plug extraction protection.
  • Anti-Drill - High strength materials and a robust construction withstands prolonged drilling.
  • Crumple Zone - The cylinder will collapse to a predefined pattern when under attack, leaving the core mechanism intact and preventing forced override of the cylinder.
  • Grip Resistant - Prevents intruders wrenching the cylinder with grips.
  • Interlocking Cam - The cams within the cylinder are designed to interlock, providing a greater degree of security.
  • Anti-Bump - Resists 'bumping' - preventing inserting of an illegal key and tapping to release the cam and open the door.
  • 3-star cylinder Secured by Design accredited, SBD license held by Dormakaba.
  • Patent protected key blanks, preventing illegal key copying.
  • Provides 3 Star rating for your door whatever door handle you fit.
  • Available in Keyed to Differ with 2 keys and a security key card.
  • 55mm internal, 40mm external (95mm total) - Black Matt finish.