Senco Bow Pinner 7mm

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  • Senco Bow Pinner glazing brad nailer.
  • Ideal for use on our dry glazing system.
  • Easy side-loading that allows you to change brad length without adjusting tool, plus E-Z Clear jam clearance.
  • Reduces operator fatigue by its comfort-grip handle and the best balance and lowest recoil in the industry.
  • Superior power (40% more than comparable tools) makes it suitable for use on hardwood, plastics, and particleboard.
  • Oil-free design means easier maintenance and no lubrication to stain fine woods.
  • Precision-firing keeps work surface free of damage.
  • Rugged composition enables magazine to withstand on-the-job stress.
  • Requires minimum maintenance, with only two movable O-rings for virtually trouble-free upkeep.
  • Repair is easy, using only two Allen wrenches and the do-it-yourself SENCO Parts Kit.
  • Comes complete in its own heavy-duty plastic case.
  • Muffler ensures quieter operation.