Stable door interlocking Winkhaus lock

These purpose-made multipoint locks from Winkhaus are designed for stable doors.

  • - tapered locking hookbolt provides excellent security, weather sealing and ease of operation
  • - lever-operated top lock
  • - key-operated bottom lock fitted with roller latch for ease of use
  • - higher handle point on top lock avoids clashing with the door drip detail
  • - user-friendly adjustable roller ball design on the lower leaf can hold the door in place without having to operate the cylinder
  • - interlocking feature provides extra security and allows sashes to be opened together as one unit, or the top sash can be opened whilst the bottom remains locked
  • - longer faceplate assists with taller door sets and flexibility of door split
  • - designed with maximum strength in the middle of the door
  • - high performance sprung centre gearbox tested to 100,000 cycles
  • - ten year mechanical guarantee
  • - ‘Secured by Design’ accredited (SBD license held by Winkhaus).

Most Winkhaus multipoint locks for standard lever-operated doors are universal, meaning they can be used for left-hand or right-hand locks. View our handy guide on how to change a universal lock from left-hand to right-hand.

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