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Ovolo Style Astragal Glazing Bar Profiles

SKU: Durodeen Ovolo Style Astragal Glazing Bars
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  • The Durodeen Ovolo style Astragal glazing bars are planted onto the inside and outside of the glass to give the effect of multiple small panes like traditional period glazing.
  • Can be used as part of a dry glazing system.
  • Pre-machined glazing bars - helping you achieve a better finish more similar to wood than extruded profiles.
  • Durodeen glazing bars enable you to produce better quality windows and doors faster, with less labour time required.
  • Durodeen's solid core ensures a very clean scribe without splitting.
  • Excellent paint adherence and finish - as the profile is machined giving an etched surface rather than the shiny 'non-stick' surface created by extruding.
  • Doesn't rot, shrink or warp - increasing the lifespan of your windows and doors and reducing site callbacks.
  • Ends do not breakout or splinter - less waste.
Note: Non-Stock Durodeen product can take between 5-6 weeks to be delivered from point of order.



  • Length:3500mm
  • Finish:Natural