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Choosing Door Furniture For Traditional and Contemporary Doors

Published on March 20, 2023 at 3:20:04 PM PDT March 20, 2023 at 3:20:04 PM PDTth, March 20, 2023 at 3:20:04 PM PDT

Making it easy for homeowners to select front entrance door furniture with our downloadable poster.

Whether it’s a look of timeless classic elegance on traditional style doors, or creating a sleek, modern feel on contemporary doors – the front door furniture delivers the all-important finishing touch and can be a key factor in making the right impression for homeowners and visitors alike.

As specialists in the manufacture and supply of precision made, corrosion resistant external door furniture, Coastal Group work closely with joiners, door manufacturers, installers, self-builders, homeowners and architects to select the perfect hardware for their doors.

With so many options out there, we know that finding door furniture with the desired style, finish and performance for your doors can be a headache. This week’s blog takes a look at the key characteristics of traditional and contemporary doors, as well providing an easy-to-understand breakdown to make choosing your door furniture simple.

Traditional Doors

Whilst traditional doors have been gracing homes for centuries, their distinct, timeless elegance means this style is still just as popular today.

Traditional doors can be defined by a number of striking characteristics including sophisticated panelling and stained glass. Traditional doors can be manufactured from timber, aluminium, composite, or uPVC and available with auto slam shut or lever operated locking systems.

Front Door Furniture For Traditional Doors

An architect recently told us that door furniture is like a stunning brooch on a perfect black dress, these details make all the difference in setting the scene for the quality of the property.

Hardware for traditional or classic entrance doors can be utilised to mirror the feel of regal elegance. Popular choices for traditional doors include:

Doctors Door Knocker

Originating from the early georgian period to identify the home of a doctor in a town or village, the doctors door knocker is an excellent way to add grandeur to your classic entrance doors.

Ring Door Knocker

The timeless ring-shaped door knocker adds a great look and feel for your traditional doors.

Centre Door Knob

Popular on period properties, the centre door not only add a striking visual but also allows a practical way to pull your door closed when not handle is fitted.

Cylinder Pull

When fitting an auto slam shut multipoint lock such as the Winkhaus AV2 and AV3 Heritage, cylinder pulls are a popular choice on traditional doors allowing you to push open and pull the door closed.

Lever Door Handle

For lever operated mulitpoint locks such as the Winkhaus Thunderbolt, there are a number of traditional style lever door handles. Our new PVD Satin Brass finish has proven to be an extremely popular finish choice to match the traditional feel.

Sleeved Letter Plate

More than just a way for post and letters through to a homeowners home, the letter plate’s look and feel can follow the same style, colour and finish of other door accessories.


Contemporary Doors

Modern contemporary door styles have risen in prominence over recent years, usually suited to fit with more modern homes, combining cutting-edge technology with stunning aesthetics.

Contemporary doors are defined by their sleek appearance, straight lines and flat profiles. These door style can be a statement piece of the property by utilisation of edgy designs and bold colours.

Front Door Furniture For Contemporary Doors

Front Entrance Pull handles

Front door pull handles provide a simple, minimalist and modern feel for contemporary doors. Available in a range of different sizes and with the option of being offset or inline to meet the requirements of the homeowner.

Door Knocker

With its primary function the same as the ring and doctors knocker highlighted in the traditional range, contemporary door knockers are often designed with slim, flat profiles to maintain a consistent aesthetic with contemporary doors.

Lever Handles

Modern style lever handles showcase a sleek, crisp look to match contemporary style doors. The choice of black ironmongery has become increasingly sought after by end users in recent years, which Coastal offer finished with a PVD coating for ultimate lasting performance.


Both pull handles and lever door handle on rose are perfectly paired with a escutcheon, allowing the door to be locked and unlocked easily. Escutcheons provide a neat, modern look and are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to fit your door style.

Sleeved Letter Plate

Letter plates are a mainstay for doors not just for their function but also their striking look and suitability on both traditional and contemporary doors.


Selecting statement ironmongery for your traditional and contemporary doors

At Coastal Group, we believe that whatever style you want to achieve on your front entrance doors, quality in both the look and performance is imperative.

As the first thing physically touched on your doors, we design front door furniture that conveys feelings of luxury and security, instilling feelings of trust and delivering the wow factor for homeowners.

Coastal offer a huge range of high-quality suited hardware for both classic and contemporary entrance doors. The capability to maintain a consistent style and finish delivers the wow factor for homeowners, helping make the decision easier to select their hardware. .

To make it easier for the homeowner, we’ve created a poster highlighting our range of front entrance door furniture for the following:

  • Classic entrance doors with auto slam shut locking
  • Classic entrance doors with lever operated locking
  • Contemporary entrance doors with auto slam shut locking
  • Contemporary entrance doors with lever operated locking


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