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New Door & Window Glazing Gasket – Deventer Weatherseal

Published on June 1, 2023 at 9:48:19 AM PDT June 1, 2023 at 9:48:19 AM PDTst, June 1, 2023 at 9:48:19 AM PDT

Coastal’s latest addition to the Deventer weatherseal range combines exceptional performance, even in the harshest environmental conditions with a cleaner, more pleasing aesthetic – introducing the SV7 Glazing Gasket!

Feedback from our customers was a demand for weatherseal option with a slimmer profile, equating to an much cleaner looking silicone capping.

The SV7, unique to Coastal Group, was developed to look like a neat line of silicone, which is barely visible just like a shadowline. This innovation can bring a much cleaner aesthetic to your finished Joinery.

To achieve a neat line of silicone around your window between your beading and glazing is a fiddly, time consuming process often requiring years of experience. The SV7’s design concept delivers this look and performance whilst removing significant time from the manufacturing process.

A comparison between the SV2 and SV7 weatherseal profiles can be seen above, demonstrating the slimmer profile of the SV7 required on various projects

Whilst the aesthetic is important, joiners must also ensure exceptional weather protection as the primary function of weatherseal itself. To ensure peace of mind for our customers, the SV7 Glazing Gasket was recently used on our Inowa sliding door system weather test, achieving the highest possible E1500 standards

Key features of the SV7

  • High quality glazing gasket from Deventer.
  • Weather tested to E1500 standards with our Inowa Sliding door system.
  • Designed to look like a neat line of silicone without the mess or time required.
  • Made from a high quality TPE closed-cell microfoam which is resistant to water absorption.
  • Compatible with resin and acrylic paint.
  • Often used to seal around the external glazing beads on timber windows and doors.
  • UV, Ozone and Smoke resistant.
  • .Cradle to Cradle certified seal making it environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Coastal’s Glazing Solution

The SV7 Glazing Gasket can be used as part of Coastal’s related glazing products solution. This solution has been proven not only to eliminate time consuming and fiddly elements of the glazing process but ensure production of a high-quality window. Below we’ve outlined the key components in this process:


Co-Firm Double-Sided Glazing Tape

To meet the PAS24 requirements, our 1.6mm security foam CoFirm Glazing Tape helps reduce heavy rebate sizes. We believe that this is the best option on the market today in blending performance and aesthetics.


Durodeen Pre-machined Beading

Coastal’s glazing bead solution is to use our Durodeen pre-machined beading, speeding up the process and ensuring no rotting. Durodeen can be bent, sprayed in full lengths and then easily cut with no breakout when end-scribing.


Senco Bow Pinner

The Durodeen bead is then secret nailed in place using the Senco Bow Pinner. This excellent heavy-duty gun which is oil-free comes with a 5-year guarantee. Simply hold the Durodeen beads to the glass, put the pinner into the gasket rebate and fire the pins in. The pins are then hidden by the glazing gasket, removing the need to fill the pin holes and the worry of rusting.


Deventer Glazing Gasket

The SV2 or SV7 removes the messiest part of the glazing process – the silicone beading. We’ve de-messed and sped up this process to enable any of your team to create a perfectly glazed window.

Simply cut the glazing gasket to length and push into the pre-machined groove in the Durodeen beading. An added bonus of the Deventer gasket is its Cradle-to-Cradle certification making it recyclable and environmentally friendly.

If you’d like to know more, you can request your free sample pack, including the SV2 and SV7 weatherseal as, Durodeen Bead, as well as further information on our glazing solution! Simply fill in your information below to register your interest.

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