Simple Steps to Secure Your Home this Winter

As the darker nights draw in, follow these simple steps to make your home safer

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Published on November 22, 2023 at 9:36:36 AM PST November 22, 2023 at 9:36:36 AM PSTnd, November 22, 2023 at 9:36:36 AM PST
Simple steps to secure your home this Winter

Simple steps to secure your home this Winter

A house is burgled in the UK every 165 seconds; that’s over 525 burglaries every day.

Most burglars (70%) enter the property through the front door, with the remaining 30% entering through a window.

As the darker nights draw in, millions of us are looking for ways to improve security of our homes.

Simple steps to secure your home this Winter

1. Multipoint Locks

A multipoint locking system features several bolts along the door frame, typically at the top, middle and bottom, each clipping into place when the handle is lifted or the door is slammed shut and the door is locked.

This type of system provides three times the protection from break-ins compared with regular deadbolts, significantly increasing the security on your home.

2. Conceal valuables

Burglary is a crime of opportunity. Burglars don’t want to waste time looking through your home for things to steal so be sure to conceal items of value, particularly those in rooms with large windows.

Avoid obvious hiding places like a jewellery box, filing cabinet or your bedside table. Too obvious. Hollowed out books, false containers (eg. fake tins of beans or cat litter) or house plants are all good hiding places that won’t be considered by a burglar.

3. Upgrade to 3 Star Cylinders

Cylinder locks are present on millions of front doors up and down the UK. Offenders have developed a way of overcoming them to gain access into a home, leading to innovations that reduce the opportunity for euro-cylinder burglary.

These include 3 star cylinders that give the maximum level of security with:

  • Anti snap lock protection
  • Anti drill materials
  • Anti pull protection
  • Anti pick technology

Coastal Group works closely with dormakaba to offer a choice of three star euro profile cylinders and thumb turns in a range of sizes and finishes.

4. Sensor lighting

Sensor lights have become increasingly popular in homes and offices, both for security and energy savings. They detect motion, switching on and off automatically when someone passes, enters or leaves a room or property.

The majority of burglaries are committed after dark, so the mere presence of lighting can often be enough to deter would-be thieves from attempting to enter your home.

5. Letter plate

Successfully used in a PAS24 security test, the LP400 letter plate from Coastal Group includes a wide range of security features, giving you peace of mind that it will deter burglars and maximise security.

The inner flap prevents ‘fishing’, internal gaskets and brushes offer enhanced draught protection, and being manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel ensures a long-lasting and durable finish.

6. Keep outside space clear

Many burglaries are not planned, instead the thief sees an opportunity and takes it.

And it’s not just theft from inside your home that costs the country millions each year. Criminals will steal from anywhere, including from your patio, garden or driveway, so take steps to secure things like garden furniture, water features, trampolines and even valuable plants.

Unfortunately thieves will also take advantage of tools they find outside to break into houses, so don’t make it easy and be sure to lock these items away in sheds and garages.

PAS24 is a standard of testing developed by industry bodies to measure the security performance of products used in your home. The LP400 letter plate from Coastal Group has been successfully tested to achieve PAS 24 certificate, giving you peace of mind that its features deter burglars and maximise security.

7. Improved window system

Around 30% of all burglars gained access in 2023 to a home through breaking a window. While this can be alarming, window security can be improved and upgraded.

The Maco Tricoat tilt and turn window system is versatile and easy to install. Its additional locking points offer increased security while its unique four-layer protective finish coating is salt spray tested making it ideal for installations in harsh environments.

While crime statistics can seem overwhelming, there are simple steps you can take today to improve your home security without spending a fortune.

Source of Statistics: Office for National Statistics, October 2023

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