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What Hardware Should I Use With Accoya Doors & Windows?

Published on July 26, 2023 at 10:47:12 AM PDT July 26, 2023 at 10:47:12 AM PDTth, July 26, 2023 at 10:47:12 AM PDT

Coastal Group outline best practice when it comes to hardware for timber entrance doors and windows made from Accoya ®.

Why Use Accoya® Wood?

The use of Accoya® wood is an increasing popular choice for Joiners looking to craft beautiful, high-performance timber doors and windows.

This highly rot-resistant wood is based on the process of ‘wood acetylation’, where changing the cell structure of the wood has been scientifically proven to improve dimensional stability and require less maintenance.

Accoya® wood is Class 1 durable, providing peace of mind for joiners of long-lasting performance in even the harshest external environments.

Key benefits of using Accoya:

  • 50 years above ground and 25 year in-ground warranty.
  • Doesn’t attract fungi and insects.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Exceptional insulation and excellent stability – meaning you door won’t shrink, swell and jam.

What Are The Hardware Considerations When Using Accoya®?

As quoted in the Accoya® Essential Hardware Guide “Accoya has a similar level to oak and western cedar, which in moist conditions, may accelerate water induced corrosion in metals”.

As a key component of the door or window itself, it’s important to select suitable hardware, ensuring long lasting functionality and exceptional aesthetics that your beautiful Accoya® doors and windows deserve.


According to best practice in the Accoya® guide:

  • Glazing pins used on both sides of external doors and windows should be stainless steel or brass,
  • Any screws or bolts exposed to moisture also being stainless steel or high-quality brass – including screws for hinges, locks, door handles and other door furniture
  • Screws and other fixings used in dry internal environments can be zinc coated, passivate or similar
  • Stainless steel screws for window frames are recommended, but not essential as these are unlikely to get wet
  • Stainless steel screws for window and door installation are recommended but not essential, with best practice installation these should be countersunk and filled.

Coastal’s stainless steel screws are made from A2/304 Stainless steel, providing suitable protection from corrosion when used in conjunction with Accoya®.


As a key component of the door’s functionality, it’s important that hinges are designed with the durability to last.

According to best practice in the Accoya® guide:

Unlike alternative solutions, each component of Coastal’s HQ4 External door butt hinge is manufactured from A4/316 Marine Grade Stainless steel, ensuring durable performance even in areas like coastal environments where corrosion levels are high or for use with acidic timber.

This hinge is designed specifically for use on external doors, rather than a stainless steel ballbearing hinge which is only designed for internal use.

For wider door requirements like orangeries, the Coastal’s HQ45 4x4 projection hinge offers the same durable protection benefits, manufactured from best-in-class A4/316 Stainless Steel.

HQ45 - 4 x 5 Projection Hinge


As an essential aspect of the security of doors and windows, it’s important to ensure a lock with suitable properties is selected for use in conjunction with Accoya®.

Working alongside our strategic partners Winkhaus and Accsys, Coastal highlighted an emerging customer requirement for additional test evidence of product compatibility. Winkhaus locks have been tested to EN 1670 corrosion protection Class 5 and are validated as being fit for purpose with Accoya.

Locks should be fitted in conjunction with Accoya® best practice guidelines as follows, which are based on creating a barrier between metal and wood:

  • Cut outs, such as lock housings should be fully end grained sealed and cylinder lock cut-outs
  • The machined edges of doors and sashes should be fully painted with as much paint behind the lock as on the face
  • Further protection can be achieved by use of a proprietary protection kit such as CoastGard Corrosion Protection System

External Door Furniture

Best practice guidelines indicate that stainless steel or brass will perform best in damp or exposed conditions, and any other metals used on products such as handles, knockers or letter plate should be fully painted to protect as best as possible.

It’s worth bearing in mind if the paint or hardware coating gets chipped or damaged, the metal underneath will be exposed and is likely to corrode if it’s not a highly durable A4/316 stainless steel metal.

ensuring the best possible performance in conjunction with Accoya®.

Coastal’s BLU range of door hardware represents the hallmark of quality and reliability, manufactured from the finest 316 marine grade stainless steel and a best-in-class lifetime guarantee. The BLU range provides joiners with the peace of mind that not only will hardware deliver stunning aesthetics to adorn their door or window but deliver ultimate lasting performance.

Our BLU range offers a wide range of classic and contemporary styles in across a selection of timeless, stunning finishes.

Window Furniture & Hardware

Most window furniture components such as stays, handles, finger pulls are manufactured from a range of different materials, and are more classified as “low risk” with limited exposure to excessive moisture.

For consideration in areas with high corrosion levels, when windows are in an open position they are exposed to these harsh external elements.

Coastal’s BLU range of window furniture is made from the same A4/316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel as our door furniture, as well as being available in the same style for a perfect matching aesthetic from the front door and right throughout the property.

It should also be considered that Tilt and Turn windows do carry higher risk of trapped moisture due to their design.

For window locking, the Maco Tricoat-Evo locking system is designed to deliver unrivalled corrosion resistance through revolutionary surface technology. The Tricoat-Evo self-healing technology makes this window system the go-to espag bolt in extreme environments where corrosion levels are high as well as working with Accoya.

About Coastal

As specialists in the supply of door and window hardware products to the Joinery market, we work to find the perfect solution for your timber doors and windows.

If you’d like to know more about our offering, why not give us a call on 01726 871025, email sales@coastal-group.com or fill out our enquiry form.

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