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Why BLU 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pull Handles Are The Best For Your Front Door

Published on April 24, 2023 at 2:02:00 PM PDT April 24, 2023 at 2:02:00 PM PDTth, April 24, 2023 at 2:02:00 PM PDT

Coastal’s range of Front Door Pull handles help make the perfect entrance.

Our BLU 316 Stainless Steel Pull Handles are designed and manufactured to perform better and last longer.

They're made from a high quality 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel to prevent them from corroding, wherever they're fitted - whether it's on the coast or in a busy city location.


First impressions count for a lot! And with the handle being the first thing you touch when you open the door we've gone the extra mile to ensure that first impression is right!

  • Our handles receive an extra finishing process to create a smooth super-satin finish.
  • The handle ends are CNC machined to create a precision engineered look
  • The 'wall' of the handles are thicker for a solid sound and high-quality feel.
  • A superior, durable fixing method ensures the handles don't come loose over time.
  • Strong enough without a middle stem so there's no conflict with the centre locking gearbox of the door.
  • Design engineered to a higher tensile strength so the handle won't bend over time - espcially on longer handles.

CNC Machined

High Tensile Strength

There are a broad spectrum of 316 Stainless Steel Pull Handle designs in our BLU range to suit your door style - from inline to offset, round to square, rectangle or curved - and suitable for domestic or commercial use. They're available in a range of size and fixing methods such as back-to-back, bolt fix and secret fix.

With the sleek black modern look becoming increasingly sought after by homeowners, Coastal’s new addition to the pull handle range combines stunning aesthetics with ultimate lasting performance, by way of a durable PVD Stainless Satin Black finish.

PVD Coating For Door Hardware

The Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process sees hardware placed into  a vacuum chamber and given a negative charge, the coating is then vapourised and given a positive charge, displacing atom by atom onto the surface of the hardware.

This ultra-strong, thin film PVD coating delivers several benefits:

  • Does not fade, discolour, or tarnish and isn’t affected as much by UV rays
  • Is more environmentally friendly than traditional coating processes
  • Creates a beautiful satin finish that displays the grain and texture of metal through the coating

What Do Our Customers Say?

“Coastal's range of BLU hardware accessories is the ideal finishing touch for our high-end timber core composite doors”.

"Aesthetically the products look fantastic, they are perfectly in tune with consumer trends and can be styled to create a range of looks from traditional to modern”.

Scott Foster
Head Of Group Sales & Marketing
Endurance Doors

As they say, 'Seeing is believing' - to see and feel the quality of our BLU Front Door Pull Handles for yourself, fill in the form and click submit.

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