Unlocking security: the power of Winkhaus locks

Everything you need to know to choose the right lock

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Unlocking security: the power of Winkhaus locks

In a world where safety is paramount, finding the right locking solution is essential. Enter Winkhaus multipoint locks; these cutting edge locks are designed to provide unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

As the UK’s largest distributor of Winkhaus locks, Coastal Group is here to help you explore the superior security features, benefits and installation options of Winkhaus market-leading multipoint locks, helping you advise your customers and choose the right lock for your next project.

In our latest video, Coastal Group's technical advisor (and former joiner) Lee runs through the different types of locks, explaining how to choose the right one for your next project.

Locks explained

Winkhaus locks are engineered using state of the art German technology, offering advanced security features that go beyond traditional locks.

With multiple locking points along the door frame, these locks provide exceptional resistance against forced entry attempts, making them a trusted choice for home owners and businesses.

Why Winkhaus?

One of the reasons customers love Winkhaus locks is their unmatched security capabilities.

Whether you’re fitting a lock in a:

  • - lever-operated door
  • - key-operated door
  • - slam shut door or
  • - stable door

the locking force is distributed evenly across multiple points, ensuring the door is securely locked from top to bottom.

A selection of Winkhaus locks from Coastal Group

Customised for you

Winkhaus multipoint locks are available in various configurations to suit different door types and sizes. Whether you have a timber, uPVC or composite door, there’s a lock that fits your needs. Winkhaus locks are even suitable for use with accoya, as they are coated and tested extensively for durability and protection from corrosion.

Installation options

Installation is straight forward with Coastal’s many fitting guides and helpful videos, which can help with choosing the right lock, fitting it safely and maintaining it over time.

Choosing your lock

1. What type of lock do you need?

  • - Lever operated – Coastal Group offers either a single point mortice lock (ML20), a full height multipoint lock (ML60), a short door lock (ML70) or tall door lock (ML50). The short and tall door locks can be cropped to fit the space

  • - Key operated – the standard key-operated door lock is available with the cylinder and key at waist height (ML60) or at shoulder height (ML130). The bolts on both locks are triggered when the cylinder is turned, while the lever handle is used to operate the latch, opening and closing the door

  • - Slam shut – the AV4 can be used on doors where the cylinder is at waist height (ML4120 or ML4126) or at shoulder height (ML580). The top and bottom bolts are triggered when the door is shut, and the door can be double locked for extra security with a turn of the key to throw the deadbolt

  • - Stable door – the multipoint lock for a stable door comes as either interlocking or non-interlocking. The non-interlocking lock (ML90) comes in upper and lower sections, meaning you would need an additional bolt to connect the two leaves of the door. The lower section can be fitted with a cylinder and escutcheon, while the top section can be fitted with a lever handle. The interlocking stable door lock (ML95) allows you to lock both leaves together or operate the leaves separately.

2. Backset

The backset size refers to the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the lock mechanism. It's crucial to measure this distance accurately to ensure that the multipoint lock fits correctly and operates smoothly.

How to measure a backset on a lock

Common backset sizes available from Coastal Group include 35mm, 45mm, and 55mm, so be sure to measure your door carefully and choose a lock with a compatible backset size.

3. Faceplate

The faceplate size is the width of the metal plate that covers the edge of the door where the lock is installed.

How to measure a faceplate on a lock

This size may vary depending on the style and design of the door. Most faceplates on Winkhaus locks are 16mm or 20mm.

4. Radiused end of square end

Each Winkhaus multipoint lock has either a rounded or square end. Radiused end locks have rounded ends at the top and bottom, resembling a curved shape. You will need to route the door with the same shape to accommodate the lock.

Square end locks have squared off ends at the top and bottom of the multipoint lock. This gives you flexibility to crop the lock for shorter doors without ruining the aesthetics.

5. Which size lock do I need?

Winkhaus locks are available from Coastal Group in sizes one, two or three, depending on the height of your door.

Sizes one and two are the same height, the lock cases and the lower bolts are the same, but the upper shoot bolt lock case is higher up on the size two lock.

The size three lock is taller and has an additional deadbolt at the top for added security.


Winkhaus locks from Coastal Group offer a superior security solution for homeowners and businesses. With their advanced, features, ease of operation and compatibility with different door types, they are the ideal choice.

Want to find out more?

Family of Locks Poster - Download and Print

Download our handy guide to Winkhaus multipoint locks, browse the extensive range online or get in touch to speak to one of our specialist advisors.

Download and print the latest poster explaining the Winkhaus family of locks

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