How to fit Centor bifold doors

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Bifold doors UK - why joiners are choosing Centor bifolds

The Centor E3 folding door system showcases modern engineering and design.

Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, the bifold door system combines functionality with good looks and durability, making it a big hit with joiners and home owners.

Key features

Let’s take a look at what makes the Centor bifold doors so popular.

Impressive dimensions

Centor bifold doors reach a maximum height of 3600mm, meaning your customers get to enjoy towering openings that flood a property with natural light.

A maximum panel width of 1200mm and eight panels both left and right give the flexibility to design an opening that clients will love.

For use with timber

The system is designed for use with timber, adding a touch of natural warmth to any installation. The finished timber doors look great and offer excellent insulation.

Top hung mechanism

The top hung design of the Centor E3 ensures smooth effortless operation. The mechanism supports the weight of the doors from the top track, so there is no clunky kit obstructing the walkway.

Self-draining sill

The door includes a concealed self-draining sill for outward opening doors. This efficiently channels water away from the door, preventing water accumulation and helping maintain the integrity of the door and surrounding structure.

Glazing choices

The Centor bifold door hardware holds weight of up to 115kg per panel, which allows for double, triple glazing or laminated glass. Depending on the client’s thermal and acoustic insulation needs, this gives you the flexibility to deliver a folding door that delivers excellent energy efficiency.

Versatile door configuration

The Centor bifold door system can be configured to open either inward or outward, offering flexibility to the customer.

You can have up to eight panels both left and right, or any combination in between.


One of the standout features of the Centor E3 bifold door is its exceptional security. Tested to PAS24-2016, the Centor provides robust protection against forced entry, ensuring peace of mind for property owners.

TwinPoint locking system

The TwinPoint lock innovation features a slim gearbox, maximising the glass area. This optional extra comprises a concealed top and bottom bolt that locks the door from inside the system without impacting its stylish good looks.

This alternative to flush bolts is operated with one simple one-handed turn of the handle, providing effective weather sealing and security.


The bifold doors from Centor are backed with a generous ten year warranty, underscoring the manufacturer's confidence in its quality.

How to fit Centor bifold doors

Proper installation is crucial to ensure the doors operate as they should over a long period of time. The last thing you want is a call back to a job...

Here’s a step by step guide to help joiners fit and adjust Centor bifolds:

Preparation and measurement

Ensure the opening for the bifolds is correctly measured and prepared. The aperture must be square and level to accommodate the doors.

Frame installation

Assemble the door frame according to the manufacturer's instructions included with the bifold door kit. Secure it in place, using a spirit level to check it is both level and plumb. Proper alignment is key for smooth operation and longevity. The offset hinges allow for equal sized panels, regardless of the configuration.

Hanging the doors

Install the top track and hang the door panels. Top hung systems require precise fitting to ensure the doors glide effortlessly so follow the instructions to the letter.

Adjusting the doors

Once the doors are hung, adjust the hinges and tracks for a perfect fit. Ensure the doors align correctly when closed and that there is even spacing between panels. The patented SureLock5 raises or lowers the panels in a simple motion. You can adjust the height and lateral positioning as needed using the allen (hexagon) key supplied or a screwdriver.

Final checks

Now the doors are installed, open and close them several times to ensure there are no sticking points and that the seals engage properly. Make any final adjustments as required.

Finishing touches

Install the handles, locks and weather seal and check all are secure and functional. Coastal Group’s Centor E3 is available in four finishes:

- Satin stainless steel

- Polished stainless steel*

- Polished brass*

- Black

The aluminium threshold is available in silver or black. Coastal Group can supply the required weather seal, locking system, threshold, bolts, euro cylinders, magnetic door catch and handles, saving you time and streamlining your ordering process. Get in touch to request a detailed quote.

Kickstart your next project

The Centor E3 bifold door system isn’t just about functional benefits; it’s about transforming spaces and improving lifestyles with a quality bifold system.

  • Quick fix surface-mount hinges
  • Equal size panel widths
  • Suitable for all configurations
  • Curved track easily achievable
  • Corner meeting possible
  • Inward or outward opening
  • Full technical support available

Discover how it can delight your customers and get in touch today.

Get a quote today

Coastal Group combines technical excellence and support with strong customer service, every step. Contact us today to get your personalised quote and take the first step to a top quality installation that will delight home owners and clients.

Coastal is here to help; get in touch and let us help you find the perfect handles for your next front door project or browse the range online.

* Polished stainless steel and polished brass are non-stock items but are available to order

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